Tips and Tricks

Folder Tabs

Folder tabs are designed for faster access to certain folders in the account/folder tree.

You can activate Folder tabs under the View -> Folder tabs menu. They will appear at the bottom of the account/folder tree.

There are 4 default folder tabs: All, Unread, Addresses and Virtual. Now let's take a closer look at each of them.
  • All - This tab displays all the folders.
  • Unread - Once you select this tab, only the folders with unread messages will appear in the folder tree.
  • Addresses (address history) – This tab displays the list of addresses collected by the program from both incoming and outgoing mail. You can configure Address history under the Options -> Preferences menu.
  • Virtual - This tab will show you the list of virtual folders created by you.
To configure "Folder Tabs", right click on any tab and select "Configure tabs" from the drop-down menu: 

In addition to the default Folder tabs, The Bat! gives you the possibility to create as many custom tabs as you like. To create a custom tab, right click on any tab and select "New favourite set" from the drop-down menu. A Setup window will appear. Name the new folder tab, then select the folders and addresses to be displayed in it.