Tips and Tricks

The Bat! Quick Templates

Quick Templates save you time by inserting text fragments, prepared in advance, into messages. If you deal with the same questions every day, and on a regular basis (e.g. email conference, technical support), you'll find these templates very useful. Using them, you can also attach files or business cards to messages, and set up any parameters for outgoing mail.

It is very simple to create a Quick Template. Just access Tools -> Quick templates in the main menu of the program or use the Shift+Ctrl+Q hotkey. Click "Create a new Quick Template" button in the window that appears.

Now you can edit your Quick Template depending on its purpose. At your disposal there is a splendid set of macros that allow you to insert parts of text and other message parameters, such as date, sender name, quotations, etc.

In the Quick Template editing window you can assign name and handle name for this template in order to select it from template list or to insert it into a message without opening this list. You can also choose the purpose of this template – new messages/mass mailing, reply messages, forward messages. Moreover, you can assign a hotkey to quickly insert this template.

Every Quick Template has its own handle name assigned at its creation. Write it while creating a message, press Ctrl+Space – and the program will fill in the result of this template instead of its handle. If there's a lot of such handles and it's hard to remember all of them, open Utilities -> Insert -> Insert Quick template in the message editor window, choose the one you need from the list that appears and it will be inserted.