Tips and Tricks

How to Add Aliases to an Email Account

Any account in The Bat! has one email address by default which you can specify in the Account -> Properties -> General -> From Address menu. Some providers allow users to set multiple email addresses (aliases) for an account which can be useful for sorting incoming messages or sending from different addresses.

There are several ways to add aliases in The Bat!

1. Adding Different Folder Identities

If you sort incoming messages by your alias email addresses into different folders, then you can simply add this email alias in the properties of the folder in the Identity section. Thus, when you open an email in this folder and click “Reply” or “Forward” the program will input your email alias into the From field automatically.

Moreover, you can configure specific templates for New Message, Reply, Forward, Confirmation and Quick Reply for each alias. The Bat! will use these specific templates when you compose an email while this folder is selected.

2. Using Quick Templates

You can create quick templates that will insert your alias email address when you need it.

Access the Tools -> Quick Templates menu (Shift+Ctrl+Q) and create a new quick template. Specify the name and the handle of the quick template. You will use the handle to quickly insert this template in the message text, so make sure it is short and does not contain special characters.

Input the %FROM=”Address” macro in the text of the template replacing “Address” with your alias email address and save changes:

Open the Editor window and enter the Handle of your quick template:

Press the Ctrl+Space key combination to insert the Quick Template or select it in the Utilities -> Insert -> Insert Quick Templates menu:

The Bat! will replace your default address in the From field with the alias email address specified in the quick template.

You can create as many quick templates with alias addresses as needed and insert them when necessary.