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Google Contacts – export & import

The Bat! Address Book is a powerful and easy-to-use tool. It is extremely helpful while working with message templates, creating mailing lists, adjusting Address History, etc. Besides, you can find wide options of exporting and importing data in the Address Book. In this article we concentrate on linking The Bat! and Google Contacts.

If you have a GMail or accounts you can synchronize Google Contacts with The Bat! Address Book using import and export tools. Moreover, The Bat! can be very helpful for processing these Contacts. Import and export can also be used for transferring your address database to mobile devices.

Address Book can be accessed through the standard toolbar of the Main window

of through Tools section of the Main menu (or use F8 hotkey).

In order to fulfill Import from Google Contacts go to menu Tools -> Address Book -> File -> Import from -> Google Contacts:

You will see Google Import box, where email address and password should be entered. After clicking OK, Google Contacts will be imported into The Bat! Address Book: 

For exporting your address database into your GMail account you should select the Export option in the same menu. You will see Google Export box, where you should enter your email address and password as well. After clicking OK, your The Bat! Address Book will be exported to your GMail account.