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This forum is for users of The Bat! to discuss all The Bat!-related issues, share hints, tips and positive views, while talking about their experience with the software.

This forum has some Posting Rules, and is regulated by Ritlabs, SRL staff who are authorized to monitor the forum. If the Posting Rules, or any instructions found on www.ritlabs.com, are violated then Ritlabs, SRL moderators may proceed with the following, or possibly other, disciplinary actions: 

  1. A warning to a member.
  2. The removal of content.
  3. The banning of a member from www.ritlabs.com.
Posting Rules
  1. Do not post messages addressed directly to the developers of The Bat! or Ritlabs, SRL staff. You can contact Ritlabs, SRL easily by asking a question at our Customer Support Center.
  2. Do not discuss bugs in The Bat! here. Please send your bug reports to our Customer Support Center. We appreciate the feedback!
  3. Do not discuss beta versions of The Bat! Beta versions evolve rapidly and the issue raised may already have been resolved at the time of your posting. There is a designated discussion list for beta testers to discuss the beta versions of The Bat! You can subscribe to this list, by sending a message to tbbeta-join@thebat.dutaint.com
  4. Do not spam. Spam includes, but is not limited to automated, irrelevant or unsolicited advertisements.
  5. Posts detailing specific transactions, including, but not limited to, details of ordering The Bat! registrations, may be promptly removed. For any questions or concerns regarding a particular transaction, please contact Ritlabs, SRL directly via our Customer the Support Center.