Google API User Policy for The Bat! Email Client

Effective Date:

The Bat!, the downloadable computer software to send, receive and categorize electronic mail (email client), uses Google Application Program Interface (API) Services. You can find out more about The Bat! at the links below (at the footer of this page) or at

The Bat! is developed by Ritlabs, SRL - a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Moldova. You can find out more about Ritlabs at

The end user downloads The Bat! from Ritlabs website and runs The Bat! on her/his own computer. The Bat! is a desktop application that runs on the end-user's computer. The Bat! is not a web application.

Ritlabs have obtained authorized client credentials for The Bat! to access Google API Services. Ritlabs keeps these credentials confidential.

The Bat!, while running on the end user's computer, is requesting the following Google user data:

  • Data associated with your Google account: your email address, your user profile information and your OpenID - to let The Bat! authenticate with your Google account using OAuth authentication mechanism;
  • Email messages (content) and folder structure stored on your Google account - to let The Bat! receive email messages stored on your Google account and store these messages on your computer according to the the folder structure in your Google account; this also allows The Bat! to upload messages, create, edit and delete folders on your Google account;
  • List of contacts that your keep on your Google account, i.e. the address book that stores the contact information (name, email, etc.) of the other people - this allows The Bat! to synchronize your Google address book with the address book of The Bat! on your computer.

In order to access Google API Services, The Bat! uses the following URLs:


All notices required to be made to Ritlabs pursuant to this Policy may be made in writing to or Alternatively, you can send written requests by regular mail to the following address: str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 42, MD-2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Policy version 1.0.