The Bat! Voyager – eine neue Version des portablen E-Mail Clients

Wir präsentieren eine neue Version von The Bat! Voyager, dem portablen E-Mail Client. Eine komplette Liste der Ånderungen finden Sie unten.

[+] It is now possible to create a new address group from the group selection dialogue called from an address item editor
[+] Added "Clear all tags" filter action
[*] (#0009010) It is now possible to enable/disable prompt on printing of multiple messages
[*] "Messages header" hint design was changed
[*] URL Hints were redesigned
[*] "Mark as not Junk" is now moving messages from Junk folder to Inbox as in versions before v5
[*] Quick Search in the message list doesn't cut erroneous input anymore
[*] (#0009001) Read filters are now invoked after an attempt of moving away from the current message even when the current messages stays the same
[*] (#0007820) It is now possible to save messages in various formats from the message editor
[*] UI changes in the Address Book menu
[*] Windows Split Mode icons were redesigned
[*] HTML Viewer; UI changes in description
[*] Most temporary files for backup process are now created on the destination drive to avoid problems with Windows %TEMP% folder
[*] Better behaviour when there is no enough space for backup archive
[*] New control is used for displaying list of messages in Mail Dispatcher, this eliminates problems with scroll bars, add multiple sorting, etc.
[*] "Paste as plain text" was added to popup in the Edit Mail Message Form
[-] Command line parameter /EXIT does not start program termination before command line processing is finished anymore
[-] (#0009018) The "&" characters in IMAP folder names are now rendered properly
[-] Preferences "HTML Viewer" was translated
[-] Mark as Junk (Mark as Not Junk) cannot raise "List index out of bounds" exception anymore
[-] Fixed memory corruption when task is executed very fast (short tasks like "Mark message as read")
[-] (#0009032) Non-MIME forwarding of multiple messages to a single address is not processing wrong messages anymore
[-] (#0009037) Message list item at start of a branch is now updated immediately when messages are grouped by subject/sender/recipient
[-] (#0009007) Change of message's colour group while viewing a Virtual Folder is shown immediately
[-] (#0009041) Problems with HTML message display solved
[-]IMAP. Appended messages are now fetched from server and cannot be implicitly modified ("Sizes differ!!" error when moving messages between accounts)
[-] (#0008975) Added right mouse button menu in the message redirect dialogue's address part
[-] (#0008821) When multiple messages are forwarded, the body does not disappear anymore
[-] (#0009042) Fixed bug that caused lost spaces in some ill-formed HTML messages
[-] Fixed problem that did not permit connecting to "localhost" (cannot correctly resolve this host name)
[-] (#0009021) Message list now supports Quick Search and filtering that uses Unicode characters
[-] Forwarding multiple messages to a single address from a Common Folder is working correctly
[-] Fixed "Connection failed" error when failed to connect to the first address of the host with multiple addresses
[-] (#0009057) Fixed problem when a default account was used without trying to find the most suitable one when replying to messages from Common Folders
[-] (#0009053) Fixed problems when parent was changed for a newly created folder
[-] Orphaned Quick Search input control does not appear in the Message Finder window anymore
[-] Program could sometimes hang when selecting folder
[-] Time for messages received in daylight saving time is displayed correctly when it is standard time and vice versa
[-] IMAP. When Outbox is local and Sent is remote there was an error in log that message could not be moved to Sent folder, but actually it WAS successfully moved
[-] Fixed the bug that displayed error on every program start if birthday in Address Book was specified with 0 (zero) year
[-] (#0008810) OTFE: Messages are now deleted from the server when they are deleted from the Trash folder
[-] (#0008999) Resending messages from a Common Folder is working correctly
[-] (#0009078) "Delete message from server" filter action is working correctly for IMAP folders
[-] IMAP. If program was abnormally terminated then filters could be triggered again by already filtered messages
[-] When a separate message viewer is opened without message list shown, the viewer is now focused
[-] (#0009069) Colour Group's background colour is now used in the CG selection menu
[-] Fixed bug when maximum number of commands in IMAP session was limited to 10000 due to incorrect parsing of tag (first character was lost)
[-] Address fields with encoded quoted text are displayed correctly
[-] (#0009089) Batch-forwarded messages are now receiving the "Forwarded" flag
[-] Attachment with invalid characters in name can now be extracted by filter correctly
[-] (#0007903) Main Window is not blank now if it is called from the Mail Ticker after starting minimized
[-] It is now possible to change the current ViewMode of a message list through the "Manage View Modes" dialogue
[-] (#0008858) Attachments stored separately on a mapped network drive are now deleted when needed
[-] Transfer encoding for non-ASCII characters in message headers can be changed correctly
[-] Fixed "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" exception after double-click on message in Mail Ticker
[-] "Watch and Send files" Scheduler action is now working correctly with all Unicode file names
[-] Fixed problems with using in-line images in mass mailing with HTML templates
[-] IMAP. "Mark all Messages Read" now preserves other flags/color groups
[-] "Watched by..." option in the Folder Properties dialogue was working in read-only mode
[-] The "Copy" command was not working in the preview pane's image viewer
[-] IMAP. Partially downloaded message (with attachments) cannot be moved to different account with "Size differs!!" error. Some servers (hMailServer) are known to return incorrect RFC822.SIZE
[-] Editor windows now cascade when message editor position is not stored
[-] Address History: correspondents' Images from the address book are now displayed correctly
[-] Text in editor is now wrapped in the same way as in viewer - window width is used to wrap text
[-] Fixed a bug when some formatting options were not available in some message editors
[-] IMAP. In some rare cases connection could hang after appending big message
[-] View Mode option "Expand All Threads" could be ignored during changing threading or switching between View Modes
[-] Temporary files are now deleted after auto-save in the message editor
[-] Deletion of common folders could sometimes give an Access Violation error
[-] Large folders are not opened slowly on Windows XP anymore
[-] Message create/receive time is correctly displayed without degrading folder loading performance
[-] Fixed a bug when only the first message was used for checking against filter condition when a filter was applied to several selected messages using Hotkey
[-] Text settings like Date/Time separator are now retrieved correctly from the system's registry if the text was one character long
[-] Message list cannot lose changes made by incoming filters anymore (setting color group in IMAP folder for incoming messages wasn't visible before refreshing folder)