RITLabs veröffentlicht The Bat! v3.71

Im Zuge der Perfektionierung von TheBat! stellen wir heute eine neue Version zur Verfügung. Die Liste der Fehlerbehebungen ist entsprechend, man achte jedoch auf die neuen eingebauten Features.

Das Updaten auf diese neue Version ist einfach. Ein Deinstallieren der vorhandenen Version ist nicht nötig - das Setup der neuen Version updatet die installierte Version. Alle Einstellungen, Nachrichten und das Adressbuch bleiben erhalten.

Den Nutzern der Home Version wird ebenso ein Update des Internationalen Sprachpaketes empfohlen.

Download der Professional und Home Version.


Was ist neu in The Bat! v3.71 (gegenüber v3.65.03)?

[           Beschriftung:          ]
[ ! Wichtige  Verbesserungen       ]
[ + Neue Feature                   ]
[ * Verbesserte/veränderte Feature ]
[ - Fehlerbehebungen               ]

[+] Advanced search
[*] Search speed optimizations
[+] You can import addresses to the address book from X.509 binary certificates.
[+] Folder Maintenance stores previous operation checks
[+] The Bat! now works with Outlook Redemption DLL ( for better importing from MS Outlook.
[+] Outlook Import and Exchange MAPI: added support for attached RFC-822-messages embedded as ATTACH_EMBEDDED_MSG.
[+] When importing addresses to the Address Book, you can select multiple files.
[+] Minor: cmdline parameter /MsgId:ref to open message with specified ref on startup
[+] Help button for the "Pick email address" dialog.
[!] Removed deprecated feature "Client-Server Mode"
[*] Better error logging for Exchange Server
[*] Better error logging for MAPI Exchange connections.
[*] Coloured sorting key column of the message list is back
[*] common folders now do allow setting the confirmation behavior and templates;
[*] Better mail retrieval for Exchange server.
[*] When working with Exchange server, The Bat! queries messages one-by-one.
[-] When importing messages from MS Outlook or retrieving from MS Exchange server via MAPI, transport message headers (RFC-822) weren't preserved for messages delivered by SMTP.
[-] Import from MS Office 2000 Outlook and earlier didn't work in The Bat! since version 2.05
[-] Better name resolution in Exhchange MAPI sessions.
[-] Exchange MAPI: The Bat! might consider some folders on Exchange server as not for email messages and could skip them during mail retrieval
[-] Exchange MAPI: incorrect number of processing folders was displayed during mail retrieval: The Bat! did also count empty folders
[-] Exchange MAPI: The Bat! did improperly calculate the total e-mail message count: non-email items like appointments or addresses were also added to the total number of e-mail messages to retrieve, although The Bat! did skip these non-email items
[-] Exchange MAPI: you can go to Account|Properties|Options and turn on "Verbose Log" to see which folders and items does The Bat! skip or process during Exchange retrieval
[-] Exchange MAPI: A dialog box should be displayed to prompt the user for the profile password, if required. Now The Bat! uses the following MapiLogonEx flags: MAPI_EXTENDED | MAPI_ALLOW_OTHERS | MAPI_EXPLICIT_PROFILE | MAPI_NEW_SESSION | MAPI_PASSWORD_UI | MAPI_FORCE_DOWNLOAD.
[-] Exchange MAPI: When verbose logging is enabled, when The Bat! skips non-email items, it displays the Message Class and Subject of these items.
[-] Exchange MAPI: The Bat! did calculate the number of skipped messages improperly.
[-] possible AV on exit, IMAP account
[-] When importing messages from MS Office Outlook, The Bat! didn't convert X.400 addresses to SMTP addresses. This opportunity is only available for Office XP, Office 2003 and later versions.
[-] The Bat! didn't import messages which had no bodies.
[-] IMAP: fix of duplication on synchro
[-] IMAP: moving to local folders
[-] IMAP: possible wrong encoding
[-] Minor: system hotkey couldn't be cleared
[-] "Edit personal certificates" button in Account Properties also works for CryptoAPI S/MIME implementation
[-] The filter condition "Time of ... is ..." was not storing minute values
[-] (#0005373) Content of message Memo as filter condition does not work
[-] (#0005302) "Create a formatted message" filter action is broken
[-] (#0005124) Macro %TO, %FROM & %SUBJECT doesn't work if field was previously set empty
[*] (#0005654) Create Filter dialog (menu: [Specials -> create filter): checkbox added to create a common filter
[-] (#0005620) deletion of qsearch-created tab not always removed filter
[-] (#0005619) Crop Button Macros
[-] (#0005610) Customiser: Shortcut items actually missing shortcut keys produced AV on exit
[-] (#0000767) It was not possible to set an empty name for iKey1000 token.
[-] (#0005569) Invalid focus position in S/MIME input password dialog
[-] (#0002252) Cursor not positioned correctly in Template editors (including Quick Templates) when you click with the left mouse button on the place where you would like to put the cursor.
[-] (#0005649) Under IMAP, color filters incorrectly color messages
[-] (#0005551) In CryptoAPI S/MIME implementation, if a certificate didn't have a CRL distribution points extension, The Bat! wrote that certificate revocation status is unknown and ceased to use this certificate.