The Bat! 8.0.18 Weihnachtsedition


  • The Download Manager writes additional information to the ex_log.txt file whenever there is an exception inside a WinInet API function call
  • Added some root certificates used by Google mail servers
  • Better description for the registration key validity version
  • More debug messages will be added to the ex_log.txt with /startup_timing_log command line option to figure out why The Bat! hangs at startup


  • Fixed a "stack overflow" error which could occur when a message got loaded, e.g. on IMAP
  • Fixed an access violation at startup
  • Some normal connection state changes were written to the ex_log.txt file
  • The MailTicker was sometimes grey and didn't move
  • (#0000493) Column "Tags" in message list cannot be size-adjusted by double click
  • (#0000557) Copying of Sorting Office filters with hot keys is incomplete
  • (#0000908) MailTicker goes to background even of the "Always on top" option is enabled
  • (#0001039) Double-clicking a word with national characters doesn't select it
  • (#0001103) Table paste not keeping columns widths
  • (#0001118) Attachments' names in national characters are converted to underscore
  • (#0001121) Shift+Arrows or Ctrl+Arrows don't work as expected in HTML message preview
  • (#0001138) Names of the attachments are displayed incorrectly
  • (#0001281) %CURSOR is ignored in Quick Template
  • (#0001320) On 4K monitors, the mail ticker is too slow
  • (#0001346) POP3 Message Dispatcher hangs with an error message
  • (#0001350) Quick Template is not inserted into Quick Reply
  • (#0001355) UI elements misplaced in filter conditions
  • (#0001358) Quick search filter doesn't clear filter on empty filter text
  • (#0001360) No caption "paste as text" while pasting smiles in the HTML editor
  • (#0001361) Multiple quotes are rendered too wide
  • (#0001362) Empty brackets for quick templates in the drop-down menus
  • (#0001366) Needles confirmation on closing editor window after saving the message via Ctrl+S
  • (#0001367) Access Violation on pasting smilies
  • (#0001368) "Undo" and "Redo" work erratically
  • (#0001369) "Paste as plain text" does not replace the highlighted text

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