The Bat! 8.2.4

Neue Funktionen

  • Improved speed of the IDEA encryption algorithm
  • Improved speed of the RC4 encryption algorithm
  • Libiconv version updated to version 1.15. Added ISO-2022-JP-MS converter. Updated the CP1255 converter to map one more character


  • Improved speed of the UTF-8 encoder and decoder
  • Some internal optimizations in the interface element dynamic layouts


  • (#0001085) Scrolling in address book moves selection bar instead of address list
  • (#0001257) CardDAV-Syncronization transfers Home Location Street address correctly, but deletes it afterwards (tested with
  • (#0001261) The Bat! v7.4.16 (64 Bit) - cannot print multiple mails
  • (#0001334) Issue with OAUTH for Mail.Ru while creating a new account
  • (#0001335) Misleading "Authentication failed" message while creating a new account for Mail.Ru and Gmail and using OAUTH
  • (#0001363) It's possible to overcome the mandatory "Unique ID" handle while creating a color group
  • (#0001377) Previously created templates (text format) were not usable if switching to HTML editor
  • (#0001407) The Message Dispatcher does not remember the position of the header auto-view splitter
  • The MailTicker was sometimes improperly updated or not updated or caused Access Violation errors

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