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The Bat! v7.4.16 (32-bit)

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The Bat! v7.4.16 (64-bit)

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Token Manager v2.0 (iKey1000, eToken Pro) для Professional Edition

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Архив предыдущих версий программы The Bat!
The Bat! 7.4.16 (06.03.2017)


  • Increased speed of entering a folder or sorting messages in the list by "From/To/Subject" columns if there are only Latin characters. The speed increase is mostly noticeable in folders with more than 100 thousand messages
  • If you have Account|Properties|Verbose log turned on, then The Bat!, on the "Send queued mail" command will write addition information to the log: on total number of messages in the outbox, and on the number that has not been selected for sending because of "parked" or "sending" status
  • The Bat! can log Simple MAPI calls. To enable logging, do the following. Uder "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\RIT\The Bat!" add DWORD value named "LogMapiCalls", value "1". Then, restart The Bat!. After that, The Bat! will create mapi_log.txt file in the %EMAIL% directory and will append lines to it every time an application like MS Word or MSIE wants to send a message or do any other MAPI function
  • Welcome message (in "Inbox") is no longer used for IMAP accounts
  • MD5 hash has been removed from the S/MIME preferences
  • When non-OpenPGP mode is selected, the PGP menu items in the message editor are hidden
  • (#0000062) The Bat! didn't highlight addresses with equal sign ("=") in the local-part. If such addresses were displayed in the headers, there were no menus to carry out operations over them such as adding to the address book
  • Import S/MIME certificates(s) from a signed message didn't always work
  • Default print margins are now 0.25 (quarter) inch


  • Malformed account transport settings on high resolution monitors
  • (#0001066) Untranslatable tooltips in the print preview
  • Fixed several memory leaks: when deleting messages, when working with the text editor and the spell checker
  • (#0000933) Unable to start The Bat! if on-the-fly encryption (OTFE) setup had been cancelled
  • Better error handling of The Bat! version checking via DNS, sometimes invalid responses could cause an Access Violation error
  • (#0000880) Opening mail shows error popup "TMailMessage.FindIdx --- ALREADY DESTROYED!" (Fixed "ALREADY DESTROYED!" or "METHOD CALLED ON FREED OBJECT!" errors when selecting different folders on IMAP while The Bat! filters messages on IMAP)
  • Fixed an Access Violation error at start related to Quick Reply, also fixed the "ClassName: EComponentError / Message: A component named __ already exists" error related to quick reply
  • (#0001146) Messages arrived to an IMAP folder aren't filtered if they arrive while other messages are filtered
  • (#0000193) If an IMAP filter has multiple actions, sometimes only some of them are executed
  • Minor speed increase when working with internal hash structures
  • (#0000841) The Bat! didn't properly support character encodings when working with HunSpell dictionaries, e.g. the Latvian special symbols are replaced with Cyrillic symbols in the Spell Checker
  • (#0001147) Filtering on IMAP stops with an Access Violation error while setting color groups
  • (#0001142) Drop-downs on the main toolbar have areas with no reaction to mouse clicks
  • Editor text color and search highlight text colors were hardcoded as "black" and "white", while they had to take colors from Windows system colors (Themes)
  • There was an error when trying to run The Bat! while another The Bat! process didn't exit for some reason
  • (#0000152) Automatic filters stop working altogether for certain IMAP folders, restarting didn't help, newly arrived messages were not filtered too
  • (#0001144) Wrong size of fonts in print preview and the printed message (in tags like "small")
  • (#0001012) Print preview looks OK but the final print is not formatted properly
  • (#0001140) The HTML is viewed OK but in print or print preview, margins are incorrectly calculated and the text is trimmed at the right
  • There were redundant right and bottom margins on printed pages
  • (#0001143) Searching for messages using the mid: links in other folders didn't work since released on 02-Mar-2012
  • [#0001139] If there were national characters in mailto: url and The Bat! was set as a default mailto: handler, these national characters were replaced to question marks. As a result, description of web-pages with national characters sent from browsers appears as question marks in Subject.
  • (#0001134) Filling the background color of table cells fails
  • (#0001131) "Minus" closing buttons in the message finder didn't scale on high-definition monitors; besides that, these buttons were two pixels higher than needed
  • (#0000462) OpenPGP Error Window does not show national characters
  • (#0001141) Truncated text field in QR-Code Generator (German GUI)
  • (#0000539) Decryption of an email with large attachment takes much time if internal OpenPGP implementation is used
  • If you collapse an account in the folder tree and restart The Bat!, this account again becomes expanded, if you had clicked the folder tabs before
  • The Bat! didn't start on single-processor single-core computers, it gave an Access Violation error
  • Fixed an access violation error on exit that could prevent from saving toolbar configuration data
  • There were an error after closing a separate window that shows an HTML message and opening it again and clicking to load external images while using The Bat! HTML viewer
  • (#0001166) The printed text is tiny, although the print preview is ok
  • (#0001153) IMG ALT was printed with tiny font
  • (#0001082) Image can not be pasted into HTML message by context menu
  • Captions of some character set names weren't translatable
  • (#0001059) Stopping search in the Message finder gives access violation in IMAP accounts
  • (#0001012) Print preview looks OK but the final print is not formatted properly - becomes excessively wide and cropped at the right (unless external images are loaded)
  • (#0001168) The printed font is smaller than expected
  • Margin size adjustment controls (blue) didn't show in the print preview if the window was opened maximized
  • (#0000718) Support for modern GnuPG 2.1
  • PGP 10.4 was not supported
  • (#0001175) The Bat! crashes while copying tables in MS Excel
  • MaliSendMailW gave access violation errors
  • 64-bit Simple MAPI handler DLL gave access violation errors

Хронологический список изменений
The Bat! - политика обновления
  • Лицензии The Bat! для 5-ой версии, приобретенные пользователями в период 23 декабря 2010 года - 25 сентября 2013 года, действительны до версии 6.0 включительно. Для версии 6.1 и последующих версий программы The Bat! указанные лицензии недействительны.

  • Лицензии The Bat! для 6-ой версии, приобретенные пользователями в период 26 сентября 2013 года - 25 ноября 2013 года, действительны до версии 7.0 включительно. Для версии 7.1 и последующих версий программы The Bat! указанные лицензии будут недействительны.

  • Лицензии The Bat! для 6-ой версии, приобретенные пользователями начиная с 26 ноября 2013 года, действительны для всех подверсий 6-ой версии (т.е. все 6.х.х версии программы). Для версии 7.0 и последующих версий программы The Bat! указанные лицензии будут недействительны.

  • Лицензии The Bat! для 7-ой версии, приобретенные начиная с 9 мая 2015 года, действительны для версий 6.8, 6.8.x и для всех подверсий 7-ой версии. Для версии 8.0 и последующих версий программы The Bat! указанные лицензии будут недействительны.

Обладатели лицензий на любую из предыдущих версий программы (до 7-ой версии) могут обновить лицензию на The Bat! v7 посредством приобретения перехода с предыдущей на последнюю версию The Bat!

Политика обновления лицензий может изменяться без дополнительных уведомлений.

Почтовая программа The Bat! совместима со следующими версиями операционной системы Windows:

Клиентские версии
Серверные версии
  • Windows Server 2003 & R2
  • Windows Server 2008 & R2
  • Windows Server 2012 & R2
  • Windows Server 2016 & R2
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