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The Bat! Version 3.60
02.09.2005 Die neue The Bat! Version 3.60 bringt eine Reihe von Änderungen gegenüber der bisherigen Version 3.5 mit.

Die neue Version bringt folgende Verbesserungen mit:

- zahlreiche Optimierungen und Geschwindigkeitsverbesserungen für das
- verbesserte Unterstützung des Microsoft Exchange-Protokolls via MAPI
- verbesserter Import für Microsoft Outlook und Outlook Express-Kontakte
- im Windows-Editor ist es nun möglich, die vollstandige Formatierung des Absenders in die Antwort zu übernehmen
- bei Multipart-Nachrichten kann nun jeder beliebige Nachrichtenteil für die Antwort übernommen werden

Die neue Version finden Sie zum Download unter:

Eine vollstandige Liste aller Änderungen finden Sie am Ende der Nachricht.

[+] Zoom pictures in HTML viewer
[+] Search in encrypted messages
[+] Automatic hotkey assignment to menus, toolbars and popups
[+] You can now edit SmartPad preferences
[+] Complete integration of setting colour groups on IMAP
[+] Exchange: You can use existing profiles with Exchange Mail Server, just go to Account|Properties|Transport and select "Existing Profile" choice.
[-] (#0004818) Configuration file TBUSER.DEF (TBUSER.EEF in OTFE) was not backuped by internal Maintenance Centre
[-] TBUSER.DEF didn't migrate to TBUSER.EEF
[-] There was a bug in replying to HTML messages
[*] Writing user config (USERDEPT.INI) after reading this file at startup no longer performed.
[-] The position of the cursor is wrong when changing between the editors.
[-] (#0003889) Micro-Editor, selective shift/arrow button quoting from RTV, Smileys enabled, Smiley handles are not quoted.
[-] (#0004919) Contex tmenu for attachments not properly working
[-] (#0004872) color selection dialog in table property cannot be translated
[-] (#0004729) Popup menu in Scheduler (Edit Event Window - Tab Actions) can be applied on another grid
[-] (#0004849) Window Scheduler - Edit Action - Refilter Action appears partially out of display
[-] (#0004150) After pressing "menu" key context menu shows in the left top corner of area of editing
[-] (#0004851) Two Credits Overlap
[-] (#0004959) About box glitches
[-] (#0004955) Container item can't be hided by "Hidden item" and is not auto-hided, when all sub-items are hided
[-] (#0004954) Question "You have unsaved changes. Apply them now" appears even no changes were made
[-] (#0004866) Dynamic items for Remind Later are not refreshed on language change
[-] (#0005002) VF unread count increases by 1 every time it is manually refreshed
[-] (#0003159) Menu navigator output is wrong
[-] Fixed different memory leaks
[-] IMAP : memory usage during message list request
[-] VFs: un-expected AV if auto-refresh enabled
[-] Automatic hotkey (shortcut) assigned only to chars of some alphabets only
[*] The Bat! now uses PCRE 6.2 with Unicode support for Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions
[-] When displaying certificate properties, ASN.1 Object Identifiers were incorrectly shown
[-] There were an AV when verifying PGP signatures by PGP internal implementation
[*] right alignment of name column in message header pane
[-] Bugs with MAPIReadMail, AV errors on exit when Simple MAPI was used
[-] Bug in processing SimpleMAPI requests causing slow functioning of the subsystem
[*] some cosmetic fixes for SimpleMapi
[-] (#0005005) Failure while changing folder name in OTFE
[-] Other: account couldn't be moved up/down
[-] Other: cursor Tabbing problem in Headers
[*] Added more free space around progress characters in the view of window of backup progress.
[-] (#0004781) "Check folder for viruses" did stop checking after the first error of an antivirus plugin.
[-] (#0005034) Autohotkey feature make the chinese translation wrong
[-] (#0003102) eMail received with charset=iso-2022-jp via MAPI (Exchange) or imported from Outlook have no text in the body
[-] ampersands in the toolbutton hints
[-] (#0005051) hotkeys not assigned to extended Latin chars
[-] (#0005044) White space in Header Pane with 'Sender Photo' | 'Fit Headers to Image' selected
[-] The Bat! didn't move folders across tree levels in On-The-Fly encryption mode.
[*] Infrequently-used tree items in the account properties are collapsed by default
[-] Search: stuck on signed HTML messages with attachments
[*] Updated ZLib to version 1.2.3
[*] libpng updated to v1.2.8
[-] Fixed a big memory leak on display of PNG images (attached to a message) as tabs.
[-] (#0005062) Folder colour groups were ignored while dragging and dropping on the tree
[-] (#0005068) The Bat! was losing one character per line decoding MIME Base64 multiline header (coded incorrectly)
[-] (#0004982) Wrong warning was displayed when adding new header field with no RFC name filled
[*] US-ASCII charset is now equal to the current windows locale
[*] Pronunciation of Folder fields
[-] Outlook Import Wizard might stop import on particular message and not proceed importing further messages.
[-] Exchange: Message format (Plain or HTML) wasn't' explicitly specified, Exchanges might have added html part to a plain text message.
[-] Exchange: Server could cease connections for The Bat! after a few hours of work
[-] Exchange: Message format (Plain or HTML) wasnt' explicitly specified, Exchanges might have added html part to a plain text message.
[-] MAPI: Fixed memory leaks when sending or receiving messages from Exchange, or when importing Outlook messages.
[-] IMAP: Bug in IMAP parser could cause session hang ups
[-] IMAP: Folder names weren't correctly displayed in Sorting Office
[-] IMAP: Fix of colour group lost on IMAP after nested filter
[-] Fixed multiple question marks in the right part of the About dialog.
[-] Netscape certificate chain might not have been imported
[-] Images were not loading
[-] Ctrl+R in the message list didn't invoke "Reply"
[-] When exporting certificates to a CER file, an option to not export the private key was ignored
[-] Problem with disappearing scroll bar
[-] Extra line breaks in QTs
[-] In the On-The-Fly Encryption mode TBUSER.DEF didn't migrate to TBUSER.EEF
[-] Certificate generation didn't work
[-] Ctrl+F shortcut in the message list didn't work, it should have invoked the message finder
[-] Using QT editor was causing AV on exit
[-] CryptoAPI: CryptoProvider selection drop-down list might have garbage characters in the end of each provider name.
[-] ISO/IEC 8859-13 was not included in the list of available charsets
[-] If edition of The Bat! was configured in the registry, the choice of On-The-Fly encryption was ignored
[-] Double click didn't work in folder selection dialog.
[-] Conversion of headers in the message editor was performed too often
[-] "Jumping header field" problem in the editor should be finally fixed
[-] In TLS and S/MIME internal implementation, some valid certificates might not been parsed correctly because of invalid ASN.1 BER encoding of some values of BOOLEAN and INTEGER data type.
[-] Internal S/MIME implementation didn't honour KeyUsage and ExtKeyUsage certificates extensions
[-] In S/MIME internal implementation, import of private keys didn't work.
[-] fReqListCS must be initialized before loading delayed requests (otherwise, we get AV at start)
[-] Address Book: fixes some memory leaks when importing from Outlook Express Contacts.
[-] Problems with detecting character set of a message
[*] (#0004723) Character set Automatic Detection was not changing the state of the menu state
[-] (#0004912) Replying to HTML in ISO charset was corrupting national chars
[-] (#0004676) Active account selection from the Tray menu was not working good
[-] (#0004850) No folder maintenance was available when is account name selected
[-] (#0003868) Mailbox import window was too narrow
[-] (#0004647) String "Auto backup" missing for translation
[-] (#0003725) The font of account memo/template didn't suit Chinese
[-] (#0004978) Error "No folders selected" appears, when is folder maintenance of password-protected account scheduled and account is protected
[-] (#0004723) Invalid RFC822 (2822) mailbox specification error
[-] (#0004782) View Message Source was not working right under Win9X
[-] (#0004802) Windows Server 2003 is recognized as "Windows NT Clone 5.2" by %WINDOWSPLATFORMNAME macro
[-] (#0004841) Blank caption for item "View" in Dispatcher's main menu
[-] (#0003830) Shortcut key input box in Sorting Office needed resize for Chinese translation
[-] (#0004833) Default account's Charset setting was not working
[-] (#0004424) %OAttachments gave mime-encoded filenames in 3.0.9.x (works correctly until
[-] (#0004932) Access Violation after saving attachment from embedded message
[-] (#0004871) Add address submenu was not working
[-] (#0003958) Disk space measures during backup weren't human-friendly
[-] (#0004723) Complex names from address fields containing both RFC-special and non-ASCII characters were not enclosed in quotation marks
[-] (#0004534) empty (captionless) menu item it the address book
[-] (#0004401) Interface: Hint of the string "Plain", "On-The-Fly Pwd" etc. indicating selected OTFE mode in Status line are not available for translation
[-] (#0004578) Theme list was not sorted
[-] (#0004612) Connection Center Opens in Background when getting new messages from account selected from drop-down menu on the toolbar
[-] (#0004720) Priority icons were not drawn in the message list pane
[-] (#0004862) Unwanted message copies in temporary directory were left when saving messages into a UNIX mailbox
[-] (#0003805) Message Finder: String size "Look in:" is too short
[-] (#0003950) The font of labels in backup progress dialog needed adjustment for Chinese translation
[-] (#0003600) Internal folder names ($KNOWN$, $JUNK$) in actions in Sorting Office weren't displayed in human-friendly way
[-] (#0004734) Using of attachment menu when a preview pane is off caused AV
[-] (#0003968) "Use  By..."  Does Not Show which Folders are Using a View Mode
[-] (#0004692) No keyboard accelerator for Specials on main menu
[-] (#0004879) Extra TAB required when switching between panes in the main window
[-] (#0004972) Attach menu was not updated
[-] (#0004839) UTF-8 text was lost when reopening a message editor
[-] (#0004977) Forwarding Filter does not work
[-] (#0003859) Buttons "Edit/Delete" in Actions and Links tabs are always enabled even no action or link is selected

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