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IMAP and selective download
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IMAP and selective download
I want to add a Selective Download filter to IMAP accounts. So far, no luck.

I created the filter (in common filters), made it active and shared on all accounts. The rule is: subject contains any of cialis and viagra (each on a different line).

I sent an email with subject viagra to one IMAP address. The email showed up in inbox.

What's wrong ?
Selective download filters don't work with IMAP accounts, they only work with POP3 accounts.
It's not for nothing that IMAP accounts don't have the option to create account based selective download filters.
Selective download filters use specfic POP3 commands.
I've seen that you can select IMAP accounts for common selective download filters, that's clearly a bug in the interface.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
OK. I setup a common filter on incoming mail and share it on all IMAP accounts. The filter is active.

The filter checks if the subject contains cialis or viagra (any of...) and if so, it moves the message to a common Junk folder.

It still does not work properly - the filter does not "fire up". It only works if I select the folder and use the re-filter command.
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