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Filter on a message header
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Filter on a message header, I'm drowning in SPAM

Recently, a new SPAM campaign is getting past my filters and a possible way of effective filtering would be using the header my ISP added to the email:

X-HiNet-Brightmail: Spam

How can I filter by a custom header?

You've got to teach TB that that header exists:

Options .. Preferences .. Messages .. Message headers .. 'Add'

Now you'll get a pop-up to define the header

Display as: X-HiNet-Brightmail (or whatever, it isn't very important)
RFC header: X-HiNet-Brightmail
Uncheck: 'This field is an address list' (because it isn't)
Check: 'Allow this field to be edited in the message editor'
Uncheck: 'Display this field in the scrollable part of the
header pane'

Now you create a filter that checks whether this new header field contains the word spam
Good luck
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks Roelof, it works very well. :D
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