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27.09.2012 The Bat! 5.2.2 regular update
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v5.2.2, a regular update. The highlights of the new version are the support of the iecm:// protocol, recipient's photo display in the "Outbox" and "Sent" folders. Further on we have made minor changes in the user interface and fixed some issues.

23.08.2012 The Bat! 5.2 - update
Ritlabs, SRL brings you The Bat! 5.2, a regular update of the program. In this version we’ve added some new features, fixed some bugs that appeared in v5.1 and improved several existing program mechanisms.

02.07.2012 The Bat! Voyager new version
We present a new version of The Bat! Voyager portable email client.

20.04.2012 The Bat! 5.1 - handier than ever
New version of The Bat! email program is launched by Ritlabs, SRL. The most important new features of The Bat! 5.1 are Inbox Analyzer, image download manager, message tags, hints, external HTML viewing module and Multi-SMTP option. These and other improvements of The Bat! 5.1 are described below.

14.03.2012 The Bat! on FindMySoft quick look video and review
On FindMySoft there is a quick look video of The Bat! that could be helpful to our new users. Besides, there is also a review of the program on that site. We're thankful to Jerome Johnston, the author of both materials, for being interested in The Bat!

02.03.2012 The Bat! 5.0.36 regular update
With the first days of March, RITLabs brings you The Bat! 5.0.36, a regular update of the program. In this version several issues were redesigned, some bugs were fixed.

29.01.2012 The Bat! v5.0.34 - regular update
Compared with the previous version there are several changes in the new The Bat! v5.0.34 including minor changes in the interface.

26.01.2012 The Bat! Voyager - an update of the portable e-mail client
After releasing The Bat! v5.0.32 now presents RITLabs The Bat! Voyager v5.0.32.1 - the portable version of the new The Bat!

09.01.2012 The Bat! 5.0.32 regular update
Even right after the Christmas holidays, RITLabs is working as usual, delivering The Bat! 5.0.32, a regular update of the program. In this version several bugs were fixed.

03.01.2012 The Bat! Voyager - new version
We present a new version of The Bat! Voyager portable email client. Previous version was issued almost half a year ago, that's why the improvements list is not a short one.

27.12.2011 The Bat! 5.0.30 Winter Edition - holiday present from RITLabs
It has become a good tradition for us to create a special version of our email program in the end of every year. Year 2011 is not an exception: The Bat! 5.0.30 Winter Edition is ready – and its time has come.

12.12.2011 The Bat!: Tips and Tricks
RITLabs brings to your attention an improved and renewed section of the website dedicated to The Bat! features.

10.10.2011 The Bat! 5.0.24 regular update
Our developers have fixed several issues that were brought to our attention in v5.0.20.

03.08.2011 Apple iOS bug with Basic Constraints does not affect The Bat! users
Apple has recently discovered a bug in its iOS platform that failed to verify the origin of a digital certificate, "Basic Constraints." This flaw can potentially lead to interception of TLS/SSL connections.

27.07.2011 The Bat! - improvement continues
In this new version the developers introduced some new features and fixed several issues. Remote Access connections and IMAP command priority have been resolved.

18.07.2011 The Bat! Voyager update
We are happy to release a new version of The Bat! Voyager portable email client. There are several improvements and fixes compared to the previous edition.

01.07.2011 The Bat! 5.0.18 regular update
The developers have fixed some issues that arose in v5.0.16.

27.06.2011 The Bat! 5.0.16 regular update
We have updated a couple of things from v5.0.14.

21.06.2011 The Bat! 5.0.14 regular update
In the process of development of this version we continued resolving of the issues that came to our attention in The Bat! v5.0.8. Most changes brought into The Bat! update are meant to deal with these problems. However, we have also added a series of new features it is now possible to set CC and BCC fields when redirecting messages, "Message | Edit as New" action added etc.

04.05.2011 The Bat! 5.0.12 regular update
In the new version we resolved some of issues that came up in The Bat! v5.0.8. Various features of the program were fixed.

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