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The Bat! 4.1.11 regular update
Recently we have made an update of The Bat!, version 4.1.11. Several bugs were fixed, some new features were added. Here’s a short list of the improvements:

[-] West European characters with accents are not lost in HTML Quick templates
[-] Fixed the %WINDOWSPLATFORMNAME% macro for "Windows 7" and "Windows 2008 Server"
[-] The hints in the status bar are not blinking now
[*] If the text in the tabs is longer than the tab itself, the full text is shown in the hint
[*] The menu item "Download International Pack" now opens the national download page instead of an English one
[-] Keyboard "Caps Lock" indicator in the password input dialog boxes is now localizable
[-] Greek dictionary is supported now (Hunspell)
[-] The Bat! now does not insert Full Pathname as image filename
[-] Anti-virus checking for outgoing messages now works properly
[-] If The Bat! has an anti-virus plug-in, a message with a virus in textual part can now be either cured or received
[+] Added auto-highlight for icq: and rss: URLs
[-] Print Setup/Template Preview does not give an AV now
[-] The redirect action can now be edited in the Sorting Office
[-] "Search for lost folders" locates nested folders properly
[-] The Bat! does not report about resource leaks that appear during the shutdown of Windows

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