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19.10.2007 The Bat! 3.99.25 – a regular update
New The Bat! update was made recently. In The Bat! version 3.99.25 two bugs were fixed.

12.10.2007 New phone and fax numbers
We bring to our clients’ attention that we made a modernization of our telephone lines. As a result, connection quality and speed are essentially improved; that’s specially tangible for fax connection.

02.10.2007 The Bat! 4.0 – e-communication at its best
RITLabs brings to users’ notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-communication program is to be presented to the general public at the earliest possible date. Currently the final arrangements are made for the release of The Bat! 4.0 version. The newest release is cardinally better than any previous version of the program. The modifications concern various aspects of the program functionality making this version as convenient as possible for every user. Before launching this new version it is suitable to dwell upon each of the major innovations.

06.09.2007 The Bat! 3.99.24 – final preparations for 4.0
The work on The Bat! 4.0 is in full swing, every single day bringing its birth closer. However, before proceeding to a new digit we bring forward a new version of the third generation – The Bat! 3.99.24.

31.07.2007 RITLabs was declared a Microsoft Certified Partner
Recently we received a notification about the fact that our company is now officially certified as a Microsoft Partner. A certifying document to confirm this recognition was sent to our office. Signed by two Microsoft Corporation officers – Steven Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer, and Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President Worldwide Partner Group, this certificate officially makes our company a Microsoft Certified Partner.

18.06.2007 RITLabs warns The Bat! users against Spyware Terminator
RITLabs strongly recommends not to use Spyware Terminator now as there are many reports from The Bat! users on problems caused by this piece of software.

08.06.2007 The Bat! email client in Amnesty International Slovakia office
RITLabs is proud to communicate that The Bat! email client is now involved in Amnesty International activity. Recently Slovakia office of this organization solicited our program and now they benefit of its assistance in their daily work.

07.06.2007 BatPost v2.21 release 1 now has 'Certified for Vista' logo
Good news for all BatPost users – recently this program took several tests carried out by Wipro company basing on the methods proposed by Microsoft Corporation. These tests proved the high level of BatPost compatibility with Windows Vista operation system. Basing on these results Microsoft Corporation rendered BatPost the "Certified for Vista" logo in confirmation of our product’s marvelous performance.

22.04.2007 The Bat! 3.99 – new horizons
RITLabs launched a new version of The Bat! – one of the most popular mail clients. In the new version, The Bat! 3.99, you will find all the functionalities of the program brought to even higher quality level and some useful innovations.

21.04.2007 Animated cursor flaw discovered for Windows - no worry for The Bat! users
If there's a hole to be found in Windows, the bad guys will find it, and the latest one is definitely unique. A vulnerability in all versions of Windows, including Vista, has been found in how the operating systems handle animated cursors, according to a Microsoft security advisory.

28.03.2007 Bug on Windows Vista's email app
A just-disclosed bug in Windows Vista's built-in e-mail program can be used by hackers to run malicious code on a victimized PC.

07.03.2007 RITLabs presents a new version of The Bat!
It was not long ago that The Bat! 3.98.1 was announced. In this short period of time we’ve prepared a new version – The Bat! 3.98.4 which has some serious new functional features and some significant bugs are fixed. The list of changes is enclosed.

06.03.2007 The Bat! is in the list of applications that have earned the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo
Microsoft had published the list of comanies whose applications have earned the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo or the "Works with Windows Vista" logo. RITLabs is proud to announce that The Bat! is included in both lists.

27.02.2007 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.98
Now that the winter is almost over and and the spring is knocking on the door we would like to bring to light the new version of The Bat! replacing the Christmas Edition.

30.12.2006 US Defence Department against Microsoft Outlook
The US Defence Department has banned the use of Outlook Web Access email and is blocking all HTML email.

20.12.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.95.01 Christmas Edition
It became a tradition at RITLabs to release a Christmas version of The Bat! at the end of each year just before the Christmas itself. It became a tradition at RITLabs to release a Christmas version of The Bat! at the end of each year just before the Christmas itself.

14.12.2006 Our users protected of WAB vulnerability
Recently Microsoft Outlook Express users were attacked once again. These new attacks were made through vulnerability caused by a boundary error within the processing of Windows Address Book files (.wab). This vulnerability can be exploited to cause a buffer overflow by tricking a user into opening a specially crafted WAB file.

09.11.2006 The Bat! and Windows Vista
RITLabs plans to release a new version of The Bat! Certified under the “Works with Vista” logo before Microsoft publishes the final release of Windows Vista.

23.10.2006 RITLabs at SYSTEMS-2006 exhibition
All this week (October, 23-27) our company is taking part in SYSTEMS-2006 – exhibition taking place in Munich, Germany. SYSTEMS is the leading business-to-business exhibition for information technology, telecommunication and new media. It is an honor for us to be part of such a big event in ICT world.

09.10.2006 Only Dekart Private Disk users can benefit of Disk Firewall feature
In The Bat! Private Disk v2.09 Disk Firewall feature is not included. Users who wish to purchase Private disk which is equipped with this newest solution in security sphere can do it at Dekart company site

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