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17.02.2005 The new variant of MyDoom worm does not affect The Bat!
The new variant of MyDoom worm, W32.Mydoom.AX@mm, that uses its own SMTP engine to send an email to addresses in active mail client windows on infected computers, does not affect The Bat!

09.12.2004 The Bat! is Immune to the Injection flaw
The Bat! is not affected by the vulnerability reported by Danish security firm Secunia, called window injection vulnerability.

04.11.2004 No boundary error in The Bat!
The Bat! has no boundary error in the handling of certain attributes in the IFRAME HTML tag.

13.10.2004 What's new in The Bat! 3.01
The Sorting Office interface has been improved. The user can now search though the filters. The Sorting Office window has been given a new toolbar. The About box has been given a facelift. The IMAP protocol has been improved. The Bat! now consumes less memory and works much faster when viewing or editing large HTML messages. Many bugs have been fixed.

17.09.2004 The New Forums for The Bat! v3 users
You are welcome to the new three forums at our website where you can discuss in a friendly manner the issues about The Bat! Configuration, The New Filtering System, and The Templates and Macros.

15.09.2004 Security flaws in JPEG format do not affect The Bat!
Security flaws in JPEG format do not affect The Bat!, because The Bat! does not use GDI+ which is the target of the attack.

01.09.2004 What's new in The Bat! 3.0
In The Bat! 3.0, amongst all the improvements the most visually outstanding is the new look user interface and that Sorting Office that has a new flow chart style front end, which really simplifies the management of message filtering.

10.08.2004 The Bat! is Invulnerable to the Denial of Service Attack
The Bat! is invulnerable to the denial of service attack which is possible due to a lack of adequate verification for malformed e-mail headers.

11.07.2004 TheBat! 2.12 released
This new version provides significantly improved IMAP and Exchange functionality, extended anti-virus API to support Unicode, better folder compression algorithm that also defragments message base and index files on NTFS volumes, and many other improvements and fixes.

01.06.2004 The Bat!. Version 2.11 released
The Bat! version 2.11 brings the new exciting "Mail Chat" function!

27.05.2004 Mail Chat !
Ritlabs is glad to announce a new version of The Bat! program with an unique feature of Mail Chat that will be published on June 1, 2004.

06.11.2003 The Bat! earns Web Host Magazine Editors' Choice Award
The Bat! earns Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide: Editors' Choice Award.

03.11.2003 The Bat! v2.01 released
The Bat! v2.01 is now available. It introduces more Anti-spam options, better support of GnuPG and TLS.

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