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Keep your e-mail handling simple and secure with our programs for Windows.

The Bat!®

A secure e-mail client for Microsoft Windows, built to protect your e-mail correspondence against data theft and third-parties. The Bat! protects your information through multiple encryption streams with the options to encrypt your e-mails on disk and during communication through an SSL/TLS connection. Free of global e-mail providers that keep your messages in the cloud, and free of Web clients, The Bat! ensures your data stays private with inbuilt features like selective downloads, an internal HTML viewer and the safe handling of attached files.

The Bat! Voyager

The Bat! Voyager is an on-the-go e-mail client which can run from any portable media. The Bat! Voyager lets you safely send and receive messages on any Windows computer, storing your personal templates and protecting e-mail data from viruses and malware. With the ability to run from a USB-drive, or an IDE converter, The Bat! Voyager harnesses the security features of The Bat! and allows you to take them anywhere.


BatPost mail server is a fast, easy and safe system with secure data storage and transmission, suitable for all kinds of companies. It is simple to install and easy to manage. Server software provides groups of users with Internet addresses and internal mail and message network traffic.