31.03.2015 The Bat! v6.8 - stability update
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.8. This version contains issue fixes and general stability improvements.

16.03.2015 Important information about thebat.net email accounts
Ritlabs, SRL has been notified by Google that email hosting services for thebat.net is being phased out. This decision is part of a change in Google’s business model that has affected thebat.net and many other internet service providing companies as well.

26.02.2015 New emoticons set and further improvements
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.7.36. The new version includes a new set of emoticons and issue fixes.

05.02.2015 Security and speed boost in the 64-bit version of The Bat!
The 64-bit version of The Bat! has been released to the public, as part of The Bat! v6.7.20. The 64-bit version of The Bat! offers many benefits for speed, stability and security. In terms of performance, it is 5% faster than the 32-bit version in a 64-bit operating system.

30.01.2015 Ritlabs, SRL wins a silver medal at the “Trademark of the year – 2014” contest
Ritlabs is proud to announce that its trademark “The Bat!” has been awarded a silver medal at the “Trademark of the year – 2014” contest for the "Export" category. The competition is held annually by the Chamber of Commerce and the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova.

23.12.2014 The Bat! v6.7.5 Christmas Edition
Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v6.7.5 Christmas Edition which includes several feature improvements and a number of important fixes. You can always access the "What’s new" page of the website to see the entire list of changes and improvements. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

22.10.2014 The Bat! new features continue application’s evolution as a premium email client
Ritlabs SRL has released a new version of their secure email client, The Bat!, introducing new features, a more user-friendly interface, and AutoCharset for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters at an optimal level. The upgrades make The Bat! more convenient and secure, and easier to use and navigate, particularly for international use.

29.08.2014 The Bat! on touch screen
The new version of the secure email client The Bat! 6.6 supports Windows Touch technology on desktops and laptops with touch screen as well as hybrid devices and Windows 8 tablets. This will enable The Bat! users to be more productive with email correspondence, using a broader range of devices.

29.07.2014 An influential German magazine praises The Bat! for its focus on security
German computer magazine c’t (Magazin fur Computertechnik) has published an article on the email programs. The Bat! got a good evaluation. The magazine named diversity of the configuration options, easy email handling, task scheduling features, RSS reader, confidentiality of correspondence and safety among the strongest sides of the program.

17.05.2014 The pFragments Microsoft Office exploit does not affect The Bat! users
It exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in the handling of the 'pFragments' shape property within the Microsoft Word RTF parser. The Bat! users should not be worried, as the program is invulnerable to the recently reported pFragments Microsoft Office exploit. The Bat! uses its own component to handle RTF messages.

01.05.2014 Proprietary HTML viewer makes The Bat! invulnerable to expoit that targets Internet Explorer
The Bat! is not vulnerable to the new zero-day flaw of the Internet Explorer browser which attackers use to gain control of a targeted system.

24.04.2014 Address Space Layout Optimization adds extra safety for The Bat! version 6.4
Ritlabs, SRL presents a regular update of The Bat! email program with further improvements and fixes.

08.04.2014 The Bat! is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed (RFC6520) bug in TLS
The Bat! is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug in TLS implementations, recently discovered in the OpenSSL library and products based on OpenSSL.

26.03.2014 Save your time with RSS feed subscriptions in The Bat! v6.3.2
The major update of this version is the internal implementation of the RSS feed subscriptions. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows fetching news published on web-sites, blogs or forums. RSS feeds keep you in touch with the latest events and increase the efficiency of your work.

02.01.2014 Portable version The Bat! Voyager v6.2.2 with Unicode and IDN support
A new version of The Bat! Voyager, the portable email client, has been released. The latest version of Voyager includes all the new features and improvements of the The Bat!

31.12.2013 Summary view in The Bat! v6.2
We present an updated version of our email client The Bat! v6.2 which introduces the summary view.

25.12.2013 The Bat! v6.1.8 – specially for Christmas
In respect of the good tradition at Ritlabs, SRL we have released The Bat! Christmas Edition today. This version is aimed at increasing the program’s stability and comes with a Christmas splash-screen.

24.12.2013 Ritlabs, SRL has been awarded the "Conscientious Taxpayer" title
Ritlabs, SRL has been awarded the title "Conscientious Taxpayer" according to the results of the selection organized by the Ñhief State Tax Service of the Republic of Moldova. The ceremony of awarding the Cup and the "Certificate of Trust" was held on December 24, 2013.

19.12.2013 New secure protocols in The Bat! v6.1
The new The Bat! v6.1 comes with major improvements regarding the support of the cryptographic protocols. Previous versions of the program supported TLS 1.0 only, however we also implemented SSL 3.0 - an older version of the protocol to comply with the outdated mail servers. We also added the support of TLS 1.1 - a newer version of the protocol to enhance the security of messages in transit.

14.11.2013 The Bat! 6.0 with Unicode and IDN support
Ritlabs, SRL presents the new version of the email client – The Bat! 6.0. The Bat! 6.0 is the first version in v6.xx series. The developers have introduced important new features.

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