The Bat! v11.2.1 with further improvements

Today we have released the new version of our email client The Bat! v11.2.1. This update addresses several significant bugs to enhance user experience and improve functionality.

The new version rectifies issues with the "Quick Reply" pane in the Conversation View and the AV error encountered in the "Create a Formatted Message" filter action. The "Reply quoting selected text" feature now functions correctly without returning HTML code in specific messages.

The update also eliminates the hanging problem experienced during the "Replace All" operation in the RichText editor.

You can find the full list of fixes and improvements on the "What's new" page.

The latest version of The Bat! promises a more stable and reliable email management experience, addressing key user concerns with these important fixes. Users are encouraged to update to the new version to benefit from these fixes.

The Bat! v11.2.1 with further improvements