The Bat! Most Popular Plugins

This page contains the most popular The Bat! plugins.

Please note: we do not develop or support plugins. We are not responsible for their operation and compatibility with The Bat!

Antispam plugins

AntispamSniper v3.3.3.8

12.07.2018 3.7 MB Download

Antispam Marisuite v1.7.4

15.12.2009 4.4 MB Download

Regula Antispam Plugin v2.2.7

05.11.2007 0.5 MB Download

Antivirus plugins

TBClamWin Plugin v1.03

11.08.2007 0.1 MB Download

F-PROT Plugin v0.62 (The Bat! v1.63 - v3.99.29)

23.08.2008 1.92 MB Download

Macros plugins

Extended Macro Plugin (XMP) v1.3

18.10.2013 0.4 MB Download

For software developers

Specification of The Bat! plugin API

08.06.2017 0.1 MB Download