Privacy Policy

Effective Date:

Ritlabs, SRL (“Ritlabs”) has adopted this privacy policy (hereinafter “Privacy Policy”) to inform you of its collection and use of your personal or personally identifiable information or personal data (hereinafter “personal information”) through the website (hereinafter “Website”). Ritlabs values your privacy and has adopted this Privacy Policy in an effort to remain transparent with respect to its collection and use of your personal information.

Ritlabs reserves the right to suspend, replace, modify, amend, or terminate this Privacy Policy at any time and within its sole and absolute discretion. In the event Ritlabs replaces, modifies, or amends this Privacy Policy, the Effective Date, located above, will change. Your continued use of the Website after a change in the Effective Date constitutes your manifestation of assent to and agreement to any replacement, modification, or amendment herein.

I. What information does Ritlabs collect?

Ritlabs collects the following personal information from you:

  1. When you just access the website (this information is kept for 30 days):
    1. Ritlabs Website page accessed;
    2. Date and time of the access;
    3. Encryption (TLS) protocol properties and algorithms used;
    4. Referrer URL;
    5. Your IP address;
    6. Your country obtained from the IP address using a Geolocation database;
    7. Your browser software;
    8. Your operating system;
    9. Your screen resolution;
    10. Your use of the Website.
  2. Search queries on the Website, if you use the Search feature on the website (this information is kept indefinitely);
  3. Search queries on the external search engines that led to your access to the website (this information is kept indefinitely);
  4. When you register at the website and create an account at the Website (this information is kept indefinitely):
  5. Mandatory information required to create an account at the Website: First name and surname, email address, login and password - that you have filled in the registration form;
    1. Any optional personal information that you have decided to fill in the registration form, including, but not limited to Salutation, Middle name, Language, Job title, Your Web page, ICQ, Gender, Birthday, Photo, Phone, Fax, Mobile, Pager, Postal address (Country, State, Zip, Address, Mailbox, Notes), Your work information (Company, Web page, Department, Position, Title, Company logo, Phone, Fax, Pager, Postal address (Country, State, Zip, Address, Mailbox, Notes)), Forum profile (Description, Interests, Signature, Avatar image)
    2. The values of your rating and your authority at the forums on the Website (this information is kept indefinitely);
    3. Website Administrator notes (this information is kept indefinitely);
    4. Access permissions (groups) of your account (this information is kept indefinitely).
    5. When you post messages to Website forums or Website technical support requests (this information is kept indefinitely).

Ritlabs uses session cookies and persistent cookies to collect the information on your use of the website.

In order to determine your country based on your IP address, Ritlabs uses GeoLite Geolocation database, created by MaxMind, available from

II. How does Ritlabs use this information?

Ritlabs uses your personal information to provide you with service and support, to determine whether you are eligible for support, to resend you registration keys, to tailor the Website and its content to your preferences, to mitigate attacks to the website, to prevent hacking of the website, and to aid Ritlabs in changing the content of the Website or improve the Website usability.

III. How does Ritlabs secure this information?

Ritlabs values the security of your personal information and has, where practicable, implemented industry standard encryption to protect against unauthorized access to or interception of your personal information.

Ritlabs uses physically-dedicated servers in guarded colocations to process your personal information.

You recognize, however, that unencrypted electronic mail is not secure and that you accept all risks associated in contacting Ritlabs through unencrypted electronic mail. You are responsible for the security of your electronic communications with Ritlabs.

Ritlabs collects and processes your personal information on servers located in the Republic of Moldova and the Federal Republic of Germany.

IV. Does Ritlabs share this information with third parties?

On some pages of the Website, Ritlabs uses the Facebook Pixel, so, when you access a page of the Website that has a Facebook pixel, your browser software also accesses Facebook, so Facebook is aware that you have visited certain Website page at certain time from certain IP address using certain browser software, operating system, screen resolution, and so on. However, in no case Ritlabs share with the Facebook any information that Ritlabs have collected from you directly or that you have filled in the registration form at the Website. The Facebook Pixel is used by Ritlabs to better suite Facebook advertisement to you.

Ritlabs does not sell or rent or share your personal or personally identifiable information to third parties. Whenever Ritlabs wished to do analytics of its customers or visitors, it depersonalizes all the information collected from You before transferring it to third parties.

Ritlabs may transfer your personal information to share information with its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, or distributors or to a third party in a sale of the Website, a sale of Ritlabs, or a sale of substantially all of the assets of Ritlabs, notifying you about this. Ritlabs may also transfer your personal information to respond to a duly authorized subpoena or court order, to respond to regulatory requests by government authorities, to protect the safety or security of Ritlabs, the Website, its employees, and its users, and, where necessary, to protect against fraud, false advertising, or the violation of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or treaty whether local, state, provincial, national, or international.

V. Your consent and How may You cease Ritlabs’ collection and use of your personal information?

Through your use of the Website, you provide your consent to the processing of your personal information.

You may cease Ritlabs’ collection and use of your personal or personally identifiable information by discontinuing your use of the Website and adjusting your web browser settings to clear any cookies remaining on your computer from your prior use of the Website.

IV. Your Privacy Rights

You may use a pseudonym, a nickname, or a fictional name (providing it does not infringe others’ rights and is inoffensive) instead of your real name, but you may not leave blank (unfilled) the appropriate fields.

You may obtain without charge, a list of categories of your personal information that Ritlabs has collected, has used, or has disclosed to third parties. You may also obtain without charge a copy of your personal information that we have.

If you would like to make a request for disclosure under this section, please contact in writing, and we will reply within a maximum of 30 days.

You may also ask us to amend, rectify, or delete your personal information that is kept for more than 30 days. However, if you ask us to delete your personal information that is kept for up to 30 days, we will take no action since this information will be deleted anyway automatically upon the expiration of the retention period specified in this privacy policy, and because it may not always be possible to delete this temporary information, since it is mostly kept in the Website log files in plain text format, not in a database that would have allowed an easy deletion or rectification or amendment.

If you ask us to delete your user account, the information that you have provided in your forum posts or in your technical support tickets will persists. However, after the deletion of your user account, your forum posts or in your technical support tickets will show as created by the deleted user. The information that you have entered to the support tickets cannot be deleted and will be further used by Ritlabs technical support staff as a reference. However, if you have provided sensitive personal information in the text of the technical support tickets, you can ask Ritlabs to depersonalize it. You can delete your forum posts by yourself as long as your account at Ritlabs is active. However, if your account at Ritlabs is deleted, you can only ask to depersonalize your forum posts.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if you consider that a prior notice or request that you have sent us has not been satisfied within 30 days. You can lodge the complaint to the National Center for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter “NCPDP”). The registration number of Ritlabs as the operator of personal information assigned by NCPDP is 0000079, based on the notification nr. 130918CI146 dated 18-09-2013.

You have other rights granted by applicable law.

VII. Notices

All notices required to be made to Ritlabs pursuant to this Privacy Policy may be made in writing to Alternatively, you can send written requests by regular mail to the following address: str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 42, MD-2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.