Download The Bat!

There is now a single installation file for both Professional and Home licenses. After you install the program and input the registration key, The Bat! will recognize its license type. Note that the current installation file includes the multi-language user interface and the spell checker dictionaries formerly known as International Pack.

Please check your current registration. You may have to pay to upgrade your license to a newer version. Licenses purchased on or after May 9, 2015 are valid for The Bat! v7. Licenses purchased on or before May 8, 2015 can be upgraded for a fee.

The Bat! v7.1.18 (32-bit)

03-03-2016 32.77 MB Download

The Bat! v7.1.18 (64-bit)*

03-03-2016 35.6 MB Download

Token Manager v2.0 (iKey1000, eToken Pro) for Professional Edition

21-01-2010 0.95 MB Download

For software developers - specification for writing custom interface skins for The Bat!

30-07-2006 0.19 MB Download

For software developers - specification of The Bat! plugin API

10-05-2011 3.62 MB Download
Archived versions of The Bat!

New features

  • The “Do not load schedules, notes, posts, tasks, journal, public folders” option in EWS accounts
  • Changes made to personal EWS contacts in The Bat! are now uploaded to the server
  • Editing EWS contact's photo in the local address book updates the photo for personal contacts to the Exchange server
  • X-MANAGER and X-SPOUSE attributes are now imported from vCard, support of vCard with UTF-8 BOM


  • EWS is now more stable while downloading emails from unstable Exchange servers and on poor communication lines
  • The required resources for sorting a large number of emails with copying/moving actions between EWS folders were decreased
  • Changes to an address book entry's display name are now immediately reflected in the message list


  • The "cannot load DLL" issue in EWS accounts on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server has been fixed
  • Issues with extended authentication mechanisms on (e.g. CRAM-MD5, NTLM, etc.) on IMAP have been fixed
  • "Access violation" errors when searching contacts on LDAP servers have been fixed
  • Cases when LDAP host is not found and LDAP connection refused were not properly handled
  • The Folder selection issue for Mail Ticker (all folder names were cut) has been fixed
  • "Access violation" errors in Inbox Analyzer over very large accounts have been fixed
  • EWS fixes: the "cannot import 8000+ contacts from Active Directory" issue, possible error while importing zero-size attachment
  • While importing a vCard 3.0 file, some contacts might have not been imported or imported multiple times
  • Memory leaks while raising email hints in new email window have been fixed
  • Memory leaks when searching on LDAP servers have been fixed
  • Sorting by the "From" column did not work if the option to replace names from the Address Book was on
  • (#0635) Truncated checkbox "Action" and option "Load signal string..." in Sorting Office | Selective download section
  • (#0596) Truncated checkbox "With attachments" in Setup Message List Tab dialog
  • (#0543) Truncated captions in folder maintenance results window
  • (#0637) Truncated strings in the Connection Center
  • (#0404) Truncated string in Mail Retrieval (POP/IMAP) Authentication
  • (#0800) Truncated string in the "Edit Event" window
  • (#0671) Truncated labels and misplaces controls in Exit-Program-Confirmation-Dialog
  • (#0407) Truncated string in Search and Replace dialog
  • (#0799) Truncated strings in the "Remove From Address History" window
  • (#0812) When resolution and display scaling is increased, the text gets unreadable in the address book
  • (#0647) Changes in the Schedule of the Inbox Analyzer are not saved
  • (#0648) Inbox Analyzer does not recognize folder names assigned in the global settings
  • (#0790) Subfolders disappear if their parent folder is changed in the folder properties
  • An access violation error which appeared while saving personal vCard in account properties has been fixed
  • Recipients’ names from the address book are now properly rendered
  • The "Thread creation error: "Not enough storage is available to process this command" and "Handle creation error" errors have been fixed
  • It was not possible to read malformed RSS-feeds with non-Unicode encoding


The Bat! upgrade policy
  • The Bat! v5 license purchased December 23, 2010 - September 25, 2013 is valid for a The Bat! v6.0 upgrade only. For The Bat! v6.1 and higher these licenses are not valid.

  • The Bat! v6 license purchased September 26, 2013 - November 25, 2013 will be valid for a The Bat! v7.0 upgrade only. For The Bat! v7.1 and higher these licenses will not be valid.

  • The Bat! v6 license purchased November 26, 2013 - May 8, 2015 is valid for all sub-versions of The Bat! v6. For The Bat! v7.0 and higher these licenses will no longer be valid.

  • The Bat! v7 license purchased from May 9, 2015 will be valid for versions 6.8, 6.8.x and all sub-versions of The Bat! v7. For The Bat! v8.0 and higher these licenses will no longer be valid.

Users who have a license for any version of The Bat! before v7 can update their license to The Bat! v7 by purchasing an upgrade.

Please note: We reserve the right to adjust our upgrade policy without notification.

*The 64-bit version of The Bat! does not accept 32-bit plugins. If your plugin stopped working after installing The Bat! 64-bit, you should either get the 64-bit version of the plugin or switch back to the 32-bit version of The Bat!