Handy and secure attachment preview in The Bat! v10.3 Halloween Edition

We have good news for you: the new version of the email client The Bat! features the long-awaiting attachment preview of MS Office documents!

In our daily routine we usually get a number of emails with attached files, such as reports, price lists, tables, presentations and other office documents. We introduced the preview of .PDF files in one of the previous versions of the program, which allowed displaying their contents on a separate tab in the internal message viewer. This function turned out to be so handy, that it inspired us to pursue this course, and, as a result, The Bat! v10.3 Halloween Edition features the attachment preview of popular MS Office file formats (DOC, DOCX, XLT, XLTX, PPT, PPTX), as well as MD, EPUB and FB2.

It is not necessary to save and confirm the opening of such files to view their contents anymore – all you need to do is to switch to the respective tab in the message auto-view area! And if you enable the “Attachment auto-preview” option in the “Workspace → Attached Files” menu, you will be able to see the contents of such attachments if you simply select them.

Security question: confidential data protection and security have always been and still are our main priorities when it comes to new features and improvements. When developing the attachment preview feature we were also guided by the security priority principle. To display such office documents we use an internal converter that transforms their contents into HTML and displays in the HTML viewer. This allows to protect users from executing any viruses and malicious scripts.

Note: when you preview attachments in The Bat! it is not possible to edit their contents.

Not only the new features, but also a number of improvements and fixes are included in the new version of The Bat! Now images from HTML templates are displayed properly in RichText editor and the word selection by double-click works as expected in PureHTML editor. We have improved the invitation processing as well – now the calendar displays the correct event time. We have also improved the token processing and now tokens are refreshed automatically if required by the mail server. Thus, the users of Office365 would not need to re-authenticate manually every several hours anymore.

We continue working actively on The Bat! v10 and plan to improve the address book, calendar and HTML editors. Stay tuned!

For the detailed list of the improvements in the current release please refer to the entire list of changes.

Download The Bat! v10.3 Halloween Edition