The Bat! Voyager v11.2.1: the new version has been released!

Today, the long-awaited 11th version of the portable email client The Bat! Voyager has been released.

After the release of the 11th version of The Bat!, we analyzed user feedback and refined the new features of the program to improve stability. All the new features and improvements of the 11th version of The Bat! are now available in The Bat! Voyager v11.

The main new feature of the 11th version of Voyager is the new Conversation View mode. The program now scans all folders in mailboxes, uses special algorithms to establish connections between emails, and displays them in a convenient thread format in the message view area. In the 11th version, all emails related to a single conversation are displayed in a unified view, allowing users to quickly reread the entire correspondence on a specific topic and find the necessary email.

In addition to unified conversation threads, Voyager now features a new attachments panel, which significantly simplifies viewing and working with attached files. Managing attachments — saving, opening, and viewing them — has become much more convenient. The content preview mode now also includes a context menu for attached files.

For a detailed list of changes in the 11th versions of the program, access this web-page.

The portable secure version of our email client The Bat! Voyager is available to The Bat! Professional license holders. We remind you that upgrading from previous versions to The Bat! Voyager v11 is paid for all users who purchased a license before June 1, 2023.

If you hold a license for any previous version of The Bat! purchased before June 1, 2023, you can purchase a new key at a 50% discount off the cost of a new license.

Download The Bat! Voyager v11

Purchase The Bat! v11 license

Backup before installation: Remember to create a backup of all mail data and to make a copy of your entire "Voyager" folder before installing the new version.

The Bat! development team thanks all users for their patience and support. The release of the 11th version of The Bat! Voyager opens up new possibilities for those who value quality and reliability in email management.

The Bat! Voyager v11.2.1: the new version has been released!