Faster indexing of the mail database in The Bat! v11.1

In version 11 of The Bat! email program, new indexing algorithms have been introduced for the new Conversation Thread View. We have received a lot of feedback from users of The Bat! v11, and based on this data, were able to significantly improve the indexing algorithms.

Now indexing is much faster and almost imperceptible even on low-performance systems/PCs that use HDD disks as storage. For the convenience of users, we have added indexing process indication to the status bar in the main program window. Remember you can enable/disable indexing of the mail database in the "Properties\Settings\General" menu.

In the new version, we also resolved the issue that caused delays in opening the email editor on some computers – this behavior could be a result of the system’s recent documents folder being overcrowded.

In each new version of The Bat!, we strive to improve the program‘s features in order to enhance stability and efficiency in email management. You can find the full list of fixes and improvements on the "What's new" page.

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