An important update: The Bat! v10.5.1

Today we have released a new version of our email client The Bat!, which features an internal HTML Viewer.

Starting from version 9.2.1, The Bat! uses the HTML viewing module based on Chromium – a powerful, reliable, and standardized browser engine compatible with modern web standards. One of its major advantages is security: as CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) is constantly updated, it ensures the safety of web content by reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and attacks. The transition to the new version of CEF in The Bat! v10.5 was necessary due to the vulnerabilities identified in previous versions of this component. However, that update was causing crashes and the inability to view HTML emails for users of older Windows versions.

We have found a solution for users of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, which are incompatible with the new CEF versions: The Bat! v10.5.1 now includes an internal HTML Viewer. This alternative viewer module ensures reliable display of HTML email content while also avoids potential vulnerabilities associated with outdated CEF versions.

Users of Windows 10 and Windows 11 also have the option to switch to the internal HTML Viewer by using the command-line parameter /ForceNoCEF in the program’s shortcut. However, for users of these Windows versions, we recommend to use CEF. We will continue to update the CEF component to ensure stable and secure HTML email display in the future.

In The Bat! v10.5.1, we have also addressed several issues related to mass mailing. Specifically, we have resolved a problem in the new address book that was causing the program to crash when selecting quick templates for mass mailing. Additionally, we have altered the behavior when choosing an action: now, emails can not only be opened in the editor but also saved as drafts or placed in the Outbox folder for delayed sending. Furthermore, we have fixed an issue that was leading to incorrect rendering of HTML-format emails created using mass mailing templates in the old address book interface.

The new version is available for download on our official website and through automatic updates for existing users.

For the detailed list of the improvements in the current release please refer to the entire list of changes.

Download The Bat! v10.5.1