The Bat! v10.5.1

New features

  • Alternative HTML viewer for older versions of Windows (7/8/8.1) on which CEF v117 doesn't run because of compatibility issues
  • New /ForceNoCEF command line parameter for disabling CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) and invoking the internal HTML viewer


  • A temporary workaround for the Classic theme problem when drop-down buttons are dark under Windows dark theme
  • (#00297) Several non-attachment text/plain parts are now combined into a single plain text part


  • The OAuth authentication tokens were not refreshed for the / / services
  • The program crashed when the user tried to carry out mass mailing; it was impossible to select any quick template
  • The Bat! opened emails in the Editor regardless of the selected action during mass mailing
  • Certain HTML emails created via mass mailing (using the old interface of the address book) were improperly displayed on the recipients' end

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