The Bat! v10.5.3 Focuses on Bug Fixes to Boost Performance

In response to user feedback, we have released the new version The Bat! v10.5.3, packed with improvements to enhance user experience and address critical issues.

One significant enhancement involves the PGP inline text encryption, which was previously generating empty text blocks. Additionally, the new version addresses rendering errors caused by certain animated icons within the program.

A crucial fix has been implemented concerning mass mailing, where the previous version was prone to generating open HTML tags. The latest release ensures that mass mailing functions as intended, preventing any HTML tag-related issues that users may have encountered in the past.

Furthermore, the update focuses on improving the handling of OAUTH tokens. Previously, there was a concern that these tokens could be cleared before their actual expiration, causing multiple repeated authentication requests. The new version addresses this issue, providing users with a reliable and secure OAUTH token management.

Users can now upgrade to the latest version of The Bat! to benefit from these enhancements and enjoy a more secure, reliable, and streamlined email experience.

The entire list of changes in available here

Download The Bat! v10.5.3