The Bat! v11 Features a New Conversation Thread View

We are pleased to announce the release of The Bat! version 11, featuring the Conversation Thread View. This marks the debut of a streamlined approach to viewing and organizing related emails.

Understanding Conversation Thread View:

The newly introduced Conversation Thread View offers a swift summary of messages that share similarities. This feature provides users with a comprehensive and coherent display of email threads, making it easier to follow and manage conversations without switching between folders and accounts. Additionally, you can reply to emails without losing context and quickly navigate to previous messages.

A Glimpse of the Future:

This initial version of Conversation Thread View sets the stage for future enhancements and improvements. As we move forward, we are committed to refining and expanding this feature to further enhance your email experience.

Improved Attachment Panel

Explore the new attachment panel in The Bat! v11, which makes it easier for you to see and deal with attachments in emails. Now, you can easily save attachments to your computer, open them in another app, or check them out right in the email. The better attachment tabs let you switch between them smoothly, so finding the file you want is fast and simple.

Automatic Message Decryption

The Bat! v11 allows you to automatically decrypt messages encrypted with PGP, making it effortless for you to read and respond to confidential information. Now, you can seamlessly manage encrypted messages without the hassle of manual decryption. Moreover, our built-in S/MIME certificate manager ensures secure sending of encrypted messages, adding an extra layer of protection to your communication.

Smart Upgrade

If you purchased The Bat! v10 after June 1, 2023, we have good news for you - Smart Upgrade allows you to upgrade to The Bat! v11 for free. You don't need to enter a key to activate the new version. Just install The Bat! v11 and enjoy the new features right away!

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