The Bat! v10.5: Outlook Calendar synchonization and more

Great news for all users of our email program – we are pleased to announce the release of the new version The Bat! v10.5, which includes a range of improvements and important fixes.

The new version provides a more stable, user-friendly, and efficient email experience. One of the key enhancements is the updated version of the HTML-message viewer CEF v117, which eliminates vulnerabilities found in its previous version.

Developers paid special attention to calendar features: in addition to improvements for the Google calendar synchronization process and for event management in general, the new version introduces Outlook calendar synchronization. Outlook calendar users can not only receive event invitations and add them to their calendar but also synchronize all events with the server in The Bat! v10.5.

Furthermore, the new version includes several fixes related to PGP and HTML editor. We have resolved an issue that caused attachments disappear when forwarding multiple emails to a single recipient. Another attachment-related problem that appeared in the previous version has also been addressed: recipients couldn't open attachments added from the dropdown menu of the "Attach a file" icon.

We have enhanced template preview in The Bat! v10.5 – images are now displayed correctly, and template formats are applied accurately.

We never stop improving the HTML editors. The new version comes with fixes in copying and pasting tables from Excel, a solution to the problem of loading template images from a file, optimization of the highlighted text background color in the editor, and several other enhancements.

For the detailed list of the improvements in the current release please refer to the entire list of changes.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, and we remain committed to making our email program better with each update. We wish you a pleasant experience with The Bat! v10.5!

Download The Bat! v10.5