The Bat! v10.5


  • Google and Outlook Calendar synchronization function smoother and do not require extra OAUTH tokens
  • CEF v117
  • Workaround for the "file is locked" error while loading template images from a file
  • Add /CalendarSyncLogEvents and /CalendarSyncLogCalendars parameters for logging calendar and event lists sync


  • GnuPG signature with empty password was losing first line of the input
  • In the 64-bit version, PGP/MIME option was not set properly
  • PGP options were not used in mass mailing
  • Notification of missed events was not working for non-recurrent events
  • Tables from the original email were not properly displayed in the reply
  • Some attachment files got lost when multiple forward to a single recipient was executed
  • Attachments that had been added via the drop-down menu of the "Attach a file" icon were not displayed on the recipients' end
  • Extra empty lines appeared in the Quick Reply if the template had been set to the HTML format
  • An attachment's contents had been put into the message body in case the message was digitally signed
  • Text pasted into PureHTML editor from an Excel spreadsheet could be pasted not as a table
  • Highlight color had darker background in all themes
  • Time zone could be not set for use when importing from an .ICS file
  • Template Preview did not switch between HTML/Plain Text outputs
  • Embedded images were not shown in the Template Preview
  • Some external images were not displayed upon download
  • Attachment clip was mistakenly shown for messages with inline images and hidden after message was loaded
  • Images from Quick Templates could not be seen in Gmail

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