New option for attachment management in The Bat! v11.2

We are glad to announce the release of The Bat! v11.2. This update brings a significant improvement in attachment management, a highly anticipated feature among The Bat! users.

With the new version, The Bat! now allows users to select the "Open with" command from the context menu of an attached file and choose any external application to open it with. This is a notable enhancement from previous versions, where attachments could only be opened with the default application set in the system.

The introduction of this feature provides users with greater flexibility and control over how they handle attachments. It caters to professionals and power users who often need to open files with specific applications depending on their requirements.

In The Bat! v11.2 we have addressed recent connectivity issues with Microsoft servers. The problem arose after Microsoft implemented changes on their servers, preventing users of The Bat! from accessing their Microsoft accounts. The update enhances the OAuth authentication process, ensuring seamless connectivity and functionality for users. This fix restores the ability for users to connect and work with their Microsoft accounts without interruption, reaffirming The Bat!'s commitment to reliable email management.

The Bat! has long been known for its robust features, strong security, and customization options, making it a preferred choice for businesses and individuals who demand more from their email client. The latest update reasserts Ritlabs' commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

Users can download the new version from The Bat!'s official website or update directly through the application.

For more information about The Bat! v11.2 and its features, refer to the entire list of changes.

Download The Bat! v11.2