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Ritlabs, SRL is a software company specializing in the development of secure communication products for corporate and private clients. The company delivers products for every kind of user, such as The Bat!, The Bat! Voyager, BatPost, SecureBat!.

Ritlabs, SRL was founded in 1998 and soon after started developing service software, primarily the well-known Dos Navigator file manager. Later, the developers made the Dos Navigator free and released the source code allowing further development from the public. Now, the company focuses on a product line for secure data transfer in public information networks.

Ritlabs, SRL is based in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, a city renowned for technological development expertise. The company's customers range from home-computing enthusiasts to businesses. The customers include government organizations, banks, IT software and hardware companies, and members of the aerospace industry. Multilingual support made it possible to widen the customer base across the world and Ritlabs, SRL presently has users in 191 different countries.

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