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Ritlabs, SRL The Bat! 1.6 offers major new feature set

Version 1.6 of Ritlabs, SRL popular 'The Bat!' email client software for Windows is available right now. It is jam-packed with new and improved features. New things like anti-virus plug-ins, a brand new HTML rendering engine, TLS (SSL) and MSN (NTLM) support, a wider range of international character set support and a whole range of usability and functionality improvements.

Here are the details:

The Bat! is now even better protected against viruses and worms that spread via email. The Bat! doesn't use the Windows address book and it doesn't use a Windows-dependent HTML viewer, both of which have been the targets of many recent attacks. The Bat! will always warn the user before opening suspicious attachments and can even block them completely.

Now, even more security is available by the integration of The Bat! with with Anti-Virus software (Kaspersky, DrWeb, AntiVir, BitDefender, NOD32, Panda, Sophos, AVG) for real-time virus checking of all incoming mail.

The new version brings support for Greek, Baltic, Turkish, Chinese, Thai and Japanese (Shift-JIS) character sets plus Latin-9 to provide use of the Euro Sign.

It's now also possible to authenticate using MSN (NTLM) authentication for POP3 and SMTP, and to communicate securely using the TLS (SSL) protocol.

The other major improvements include a new HTMLv4-compliant viewing engine with CSS1 and CSS2 support, allowing the viewing of messages using proportional fonts; account-independent folders; user-defined shortcuts; drag-and-drop of attachments and message logging.

One major feature of The Bat! is its powerful filtering system, that not only sorts incoming, outgoing, read, and replied messages to folders, but also can auto-respond; reply with a custom template; forward, redirect, print, or export messages; send reading confirmations; run an external program and more. The new version introduces the logging of all filter operations.

The Bat! users save hours of typing with Quick Templates and macros. These are extremely useful, especially for teams involved in any kind of support via e-mail who find themselves forever answering the same questions. The range and functionality of the macros has been significantly enhanced in the new version.

The Bat! provides an import wizard that allows easy migration from many email clients. New version provides much easier to use import facilities from from MS Outlook and Netscape.

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Ritlabs, SRL also offers TheBat!-based solutions for email security.

Based upon Ritlabs, SRL powerful, highly configurable e-mail client, The Bat!, AuthenticBat! provides secure authentication using iKey hardware tokens from Rainbow Technologies. Every user has an iKey which plugs into their computer and identifies them. With its processor, RAM, and USB interface, the iKey token eliminates the problems of passwords being shared or guessed. These keychain-sized iKey tokens are configured by the security officer, who may be the company's network administrator, business manager, or security director. Each user can set their own Personal Identification Number (PIN). With this combination of hardware and PIN, there is no risk of users giving away their passwords to other users, or passwords being stolen from the user's computer or intercepted over a network.

SecureBat! has all of the features of The Bat! and AuthenticBat!, and adds transparent, on-the-fly encryption of the e-mail message base, address books, and configuration files. OpenPGP or S/MIME techniques protect messages in transit, and unencrypted files are never stored on disk. SecureBat!'s use of iKey technology ensures that only authorized users can access their e-mail accounts, and the most powerful encryption methods available ensure that messages are secure while in transit.

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