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E-mail with Iron-Clad Security

Ritlabs, SRL has released AuthenticBat! and SecureBat!, Windows e-mail clients that take all of the security worries out of communicating over the Internet.

Based upon Ritlabs, SRL powerful, highly configurable e-mail client, The Bat!, AuthenticBat! provides secure authentication using iKey hardware tokens from Rainbow Technologies. Every user has an iKey which plugs into their computer and identifies them. With its processor, RAM, and USB interface, the iKey token eliminates the problems of passwords being shared or guessed. These keychain-sized iKey tokens are configured by the security officer, who may be the company's network administrator, business manager, or security director. Each user can set their own Personal Identification Number (PIN). With this combination of hardware and PIN, there is no risk of users giving away their passwords to other users, or passwords being stolen from the user's computer or intercepted over a network.

SecureBat! has all of the features of The Bat! and AuthenticBat!, and adds transparent, on-the-fly encryption of the e-mail message base, address books, and configuration files. OpenPGP or S/MIME techniques protect messages in transit, and unencrypted files are never stored on disk. SecureBat!'s use of iKey technology ensures that only authorized users can access their e-mail accounts, and the most powerful encryption methods available ensure that messages are secure while in transit.

AuthenticBat! and SecureBat! contain all of the functionality of Ritlabs, SRL flagship product, The Bat!. All three e-mail clients support an unlimited number of accounts and users. Powerful filtering lets users automate message handling, filing important messages, disposing of junk mail automatically, and deleting dangerous mail before it is downloaded. These programs avoid the virus problems associated with e-mails because they don't rely upon the Windows address book (which as been the target of the Melissa and I-love-you attacks), their built-in, system-independent HTML viewer can't be attacked by script viruses, and they unconditionally block suspicious attachments such as PIF files.

Novice users will appreciate the Explorer-style folder structure for storing and retrieving messages, the easily configurable user interface with message preview option, the built-in HTML e-mail viewer, message editor with spell-as-you-go, the ease of importing data from other e-mail clients, and customizable message templates that save time and improve efficiency.

Power users will like the mail dispatcher for managing e-mail on remote servers, and the support for all Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) versions from 2.6x through 6.5 as well as Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG). All users will feel more secure knowing that, with AuthenticBat! and SecureBat!, their passwords cannot be read or captured from their computers or workstations, or intercepted over a network.

The Bat! runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000.

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About Ritlabs, SRL

Since 1991, Ritlabs, SRL has been developing and marketing e-mail applications and developers' tools. In addition to their family of e-mail clients (The Bat!, AuthenticBat!, and SecureBat!), Ritlabs, SRL also markets these e-mail utilities:

- TinyWeb is a tiny, free web server daemon for Win32 with CGI support.

- DkLib is a free library containing high-level functions to encrypt text and add a digital signature to it using RSA (up to 4096 bits), IDEA, and MD5 algorithms.

- DOS Navigator is a free, powerful DOS Shell with an intuitive, multi-windowed text-mode interface.

- Argus is a free (for non-commercial use), open source, multi-line mailer for secured FTN-networks, with the remarkable ability to work with both Dial-up and IP transports simultaneously.

- Igator is a two-way personal mail gateway between Internet E-Mail and Fidonet NetMail, based on POP3/SMTP and FTS-0001, with both OS/2 and Win32 versions available.

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