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Ritlabs, SRL Software has released the next version of The Bat! 1.4, a powerful email client for Windows 98/NT that lets users work with multiple email accounts simultaneously.

The Bat! has every feature for the advanced user, as well as a friendly, neat interface. It has everything expected in an e-mail client plus unlimited multiple accounts and multiple identities, flexible search functions, automatic spell-checker, powerful filtering and message template capabilities for automated message handling, message threading, PGP support, direct email management on remote servers, and support for 17 languages.

Full Win32 API multi-threading allows users to check mail in all user accounts, while composing or reading messages at the same time. It's also an easy and inexpensive corporate mailing network server solution (multi-user capabilities) that allows you to work without a local mail server.

Designed to be highly configurable, flexible and easy to use, The Bat! is the perfect e-mail solution for the home or the office.

You can can find more information at Ritlabs, SRL Software site

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About Ritlabs, SRL

Based upon Ritlabs, SRL powerful, highly configurable e-mail client, The Bat!, AuthenticBat! provides secure authentication using iKey hardware tokens from Rainbow Technologies. Every user has an iKey which plugs into their computer and identifies them. With its processor, RAM, and USB interface, the iKey token eliminates the problems of passwords being shared or guessed. These keychain-sized iKey tokens are configured by the security officer, who may be the company's network administrator, business manager, or security director. Each user can set their own Personal Identification Number (PIN). With this combination of hardware and PIN, there is no risk of users giving away their passwords to other users, or passwords being stolen from the user's computer or intercepted over a network.

SecureBat! has all of the features of The Bat! and AuthenticBat!, and adds transparent, on-the-fly encryption of the e-mail message base, address books, and configuration files. OpenPGP or S/MIME techniques protect messages in transit, and unencrypted files are never stored on disk. SecureBat!'s use of iKey technology ensures that only authorized users can access their e-mail accounts, and the most powerful encryption methods available ensure that messages are secure while in transit.

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