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Ritlabs, SRL announces The Bat! for Windows Vista

The Bat! Professional is an email client that combines all the features that an advanced user may require. Intuitive design helps The Bat! users freely navigate it right after installing. The Bat! benefits from Windows Vista's Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for protecting the computer from viruses and malicious codes spread via email. Powerful message filtering is very opportune for processing large amounts of incoming mail.

The Bat! is compatible with the new Windows Vista Restart Manager (RM) that allows users update Windows components required by The Bat! without restarting The Bat! or Windows. The Bat! also supports IPv6, which is enabled by default in the Windows Vista TCP/IP stack. System administrators will appreciate the new silent (unattended) setup opportunity which allows installing The Bat! without user's interaction. All these, together with totally adjustable automated handling tools, make routine work more comfortable.

"Our customers come to us for high quality software that offers secure and fast emailing and delivers the best customer experience through the most up-to-date features," said Serghei Demcenko, Ritlabs, SRL CEO. "By working with Microsoft, we feel confident that The Bat! will provide users of Windows Vista with enhanced reliability,
security and compatibility."

"Microsoft is pleased that Ritlabs, SRL has earned the Certified for Windows Vista software logo for their The Bat! Professional v3.95.08 application," said Brad Goldberg, General Manager for Windows Vista Product Management at Microsoft Corp. "By certifying their applications, Ritlabs, SRL is letting their customers know that their product has met explicit standards of reliability and quality, and has been tested and proven to deliver a superior experience with a PC running Windows Vista."


About Ritlabs, SRL

Ritlabs, SRL is a software company specializing in high quality communications products and custom solutions for corporate and individual users. Ritlabs, SRL delivers products that are easy to use and reflect a thorough understanding of the customer's needs, including The Bat!, The Bat! Voyager, Argus, SecureBat!, BatPost and others. The Bat! first entered the global market in 1997, and today is a leading email client with several million users worldwide.

Customers range from home-computing enthusiasts to business and government organizations including banks and other financial institutions, the aerospace industry, oil and gas producers, IT software and hardware companies, and a wide spectrum of small and large businesses. Ritlabs, SRL is based in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, a city with a long history of technology development expertise.

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