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The Bat! email client in Amnesty International Slovakia office

Ritlabs, SRL is proud to communicate that The Bat! email client is now involved in Amnesty International activity. Recently Slovakia office of this organization solicited our program and now they benefit of its assistance in their daily work. Peter Weisenbacher, volunteer responsible for IT, mentioned the following:

“Communication, nowadays electronic, is crucial for international non-governmental organizations. Email takes a huge part in our internal and external communication, therefore we chose The Bat!. This program manages multiple POP, IMAP and Exchange accounts, provides powerful filters, templates and virtual folders for email management. Virtual folders automatically collect mail from selected mailboxes based on a rich set of criteria needed by the nature of our work. It is the embodiment of responsible attitude towards viruses and worms without compromising user-friendly interface and functions important for smooth work of our staff and volunteers.

We enjoy the viewer on the server application. Support of S/MIME and OpenPGP message encryption and on-the fly encryption of local data gives us the needed security for our partly very sensitive data. Making back-up as part of the overall approach of collecting, sorting and archiving data is very simple and streamlined in The Bat! making our e-life easier and enabling us to dedicate most of our time to the essential things”.

As for us, we’re happy to make our contribution to this activity. Amnesty International daily saves human lives, and it’s a great pleasure for us to liberate its employees and volunteers from spending much time for processing email and let them concentrate on the major problems. We anticipate further collaboration with Amnesty International and other international organizations.

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