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The Bat! 4.0 – new level

Ritlabs, SRL brings to users' notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-mail processing system is to be presented to the general public on February 7.

The Bat! is an award-winning e-communication program that combines all the features that an advanced user may require. The intuitive interface helps The Bat! users freely navigate it right after installing. Powerful message filtering is very opportune for processing large amounts of incoming mail that other programs do not manage to handle. System administrators will appreciate the silent setup opportunity which permits you to personally control The Bat! installation. All these, together with totally adjustable automated handling tools, deliver users from their routine work. In addition, The Bat! e-mail processing system is totally compatible with Windows Vista and perfectly interacts with its various mechanisms.

The Bat! proceeds to a new level in February. This is caused not by the new digit opening the fourth version of the program, but by the quantity and, what's more important, the quality of the novelties that users will find in The Bat! 4.0 and further releases of the fourth version.

Security has always been Ritlabs, SRL characteristic feature. This credo was not forsaken by The Bat! 4.0 developers - they introduce the URL manager for background retrieval of HTML images. Its appearance is caused by malicious codes penetrating PCs through graphic elements of the HTML messages more and more frequently. The new manager blocks the suspicious images and lets the safe ones through. URL Manager controls the retrieval of messages not by folder or addressee, but by particular hosts or URLs.

Large-scale innovations were made in The Bat! 4.0 folder tabs. Now users are armed with Favorite sets of folders and addresses which allow grouping the folders according to various criteria regardless of their mailbox positions. Users with large and sophisticatedly structured message bases will appreciate this quick message access option. One can add his working projects to different Favorite sets, view his most important folders using Favorites or even read the new messages from virtual folders added to Favorite sets. Each Favorite set may contain folders (including virtual ones) and Address History, which is also a The Bat! 4.0 novelty.

Address History gives users the possibility to track messages for each of the correspondents. Users may quickly find messages from a particular person, find out when this person replied or wrote a message for the last time, etc. The setup wizard collects initial information from the existing message base, so users can start navigating the Address History right away. Address History is totally adjustable - unnecessary correspondents can be deleted from this view mode, and addressees can be divided into groups for the user's convenience. When the Address History is enabled, the list of the recorded correspondents can be accessed on the Addresses tab of the folder pane in the main program's window. It can also be combined with the Favorite sets.

In The Bat! 4.0 users will find an improved convenient interface. The main windows of the program have a modern look. Headers and free spaces of the windows have nice gradient background, and unnecessary borders around graphic components were removed, avoiding visual clutter. The account section of the status bar has its own customizable popup menu, the status bar itself having an option to show/hide the account log.

The MicroEd text editor is improved. Now it supports Unicode, which means that one message can contain symbols from various sets (Latin, Cyrillic, hieroglyphic sets, etc.). In the new version any system fonts can be used for writing messages. Work with the editor is handier; the text search is equipped with new options.

The developers highly improved the internal image viewer. Now it allows viewing all the attached images in selected messages navigating between them. The viewer supports rotate, advanced resize and zoom algorithms and full screen mode.

Among other novelties the following ones should be mentioned:

  • %EMAIL% environment variable which simplifies The Bat! support and maintenance;
  • smart security buttons in PGP and S/MIME messages;
  • addressee's name capitalization thanks to a new %TOFName macro processing algorithm;
  • Outlook's attachment TNEF format support;
  • work with JPEG images with CMYK and YCCK color schemes;
  • five times faster message sorting, with less memory consumption

  • Registered users of The Bat! v.3 can continue working with The Bat! v.4.0.x without any limitations. For working with further The Bat! 4.x.x versions a new key is required. On purchasing this new key registered users of any previous The Bat! version are granted a 30% discount. Previous key is not cancelled. Purchased keys can be used at the same time in terms of the license agreement. Users that purchase The Bat! v.4.0 can work with any further version of The Bat! 4.x.x. without restrictions.

    See you at the new level!


    About Ritlabs, SRL

    Ritlabs, SRL is a software-developing company specializing in high quality communications products with advanced requirements of information transfer confidentiality and anti-virus protection. Products developed by Ritlabs, SRL - The Bat!, The Bat! Voyager, Argus, SecureBat!, BatPost, DosNavigator, etc. are based on the company's experience and on a thorough understanding of the numerous customers.

    The Bat! first entered the global market in 1997, and today is a leading e-communication processing system with millions of users worldwide. Company's customers range from home-computing enthusiasts to business and government organizations including banks and other financial institutions, the aerospace industry, oil and gas producers, IT software and hardware companies, and a wide spectrum of small and large businesses. Ritlabs, SRL is based in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, city with a long history of technology development expertise.

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