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The Bat! Secure Email Client Announces New Version for Windows Touch Screen Devices

Ritlabs, SRL announces their release of secure email client The Bat! version 6.6 to support Windows Touch technology on desktops, laptops, hybrid devices, and Windows 8 tablets.

The Bat!, being a desktop email client, offers improved security, features including storage and backup capabilities, easier management of large amounts of email, and overall organization options over what is available with web mail. A user’s email is stored on the device, and not on the web, for added security and accessibility when not using and internet connection.

Other upgrades with version 6.6 include handling large volumes of data much quicker, a faster backup, and the ability to use external spelling check system ORFO 2014, a commercial application with more features than built-in dictionaries.

The Bat! developers improved message grouping by threads, one of its most often used functions. Messages from one email address but different sender names are now grouped into one thread, making it easier to find the needed message. RSS support now includes versions 0.91, 0.92 and 1.0 so users can read short news summaries and entire news pages as they appear in the web browser.

Also, emails from Eastern Asia containing Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters display correctly, even if the sender’s program composed them violating ISO-2022 standard. All new features are on the Ritlabs website.

Prices and update

The Bat! 6.6 Home Edition costs $26.95. The Bat! Professional Edition, including portable The Bat! Voyager, costs $59.99.

Users who purchased The Bat! after September 26, 2013 can use all versions of The Bat! 6.xx including The Bat! 6.6 without additional payment. Licenses purchased on or before September 25, 2013 can be upgraded to The Bat! v6 for a discounted price.

More information about licenses and upgrade conditions.

Ritlabs products including The Bat! 6.6 are available here.

About Ritlabs, SRL

Ritlabs, SRL is a software company specializing in developing secure communication products for corporate and private clients. Founded in 1998, the company focuses on a product line for secure data transfer in public information networks. The company serves customers in small business, technology development, government, financial services, aerospace, and home computing consumers. Through multilingual support, Ritlabs SRL serves users in 191 different countries.

Contact: Emily Staley

Info: 616-786-4461,

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