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Secure Email Client Software The Bat! Now Allows Users to Access MS Exchange Servers Directly

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, August 5th, 2015 – Ritlabs, SRL today released The Bat! version 7 which supports the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol, offering users a secure, customizable, and cost effective email client solution that is an alternative to MS Outlook. The Bat! version 7 connects to Exchange Servers directly, with no need for extra applications.

With EWS protocol support, users can download emails and other Exchange items such as calendar events, contacts, tasks and notes, and store them in local folders, making it possible to freely access them offline. In addition, The Bat! offers CardDAV protocol support to sync contacts with CardDAV servers including Google and iCloud, a feature rarely supported with other client email solutions.

“Now, a user can add a Google contact on his smartphone or tablet, and it will appear in The Bat! address book without needing to manually maintain contacts across various devices,” said Maxim Masiutin, CEO of Ritlabs, SRL.

Serving business and individual customers since 1998, The Bat! is a trusted provider of secure, client-based email that optimizes workflow, particularly for self-employed users and those needing to manage multiple email accounts. Security features exceed industry standards, as The Bat! is the only email program to support CRAM-MD5 hardware authentication with USB-tokens.

Technical email users choose The Bat! because of its security and structure, and the flexibility of customizable options based on user preferences it offers. The Bat! has powerful sorting capabilities, supports 18 languages, and other features which make it attractive for business and international business communications. People using Windows 8/8.1 operating systems hybrid devices and tablets, can use The Bat! via touch screen technology.

About Ritlabs, SRL

Ritlabs, SRL is a software company specializing in developing secure communication data transfer in public networks. Ritlabs, SRL continuously researches and develops with a focus on confidentiality and security, alongside effective solutions for corporate users and individuals. The company serves customers in small business, technology development, government, financial services, aerospace, and home computing. Through multilingual support, Ritlabs, SRL serves users in 191 different countries. Ritlabs, SRL was awarded a silver medal in the export category as “Brand of the Year” for The Bat! in Moldova for its effective strategy and new market results.

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