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Data Encryption Software Prolongs the Life of your Flash Disk

Ritlabs, SRL, publisher of the popular email client The Bat!, has released The Bat! Private Disk v. 2.0, a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use Windows disk encryption program that transparently encrypts and protects your critical business and financial data. Designed for business people who need to travel with critical financial data on their flash drives or other removable media, The Bat! Private Disk writes data to your flash drive, without wearing it out.

The Bat! Private Disk uses two design techniques that prolong the life of a flash disk. First, when your application writes data to an encrypted disk partition, The Bat! Private Disk delays the actual write by keeping the data in memory, and storing the data until you're through. By caching write operations, the program reduces wear and tear on your flash drive. Second, the program creates encrypted disk partitions (drive letters), so all of your data is stored in a single file which makes it simple to back up to any media. The program significantly improves the portability of your data, because it's easier to transfer a single file than a folder hierarchy.

The Bat! Private Disk uses the strong and fast AES Encryption for secure processing and storage of confidential information. You are protected from hackers using decryption software and other means of crypto-analysis. The program's encryption algorithms are certified by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

It's easy to configure The Bat! Private Disk to meet your specifications. The program offers powerful password management, the ability to change your virtual drive letter before you access it, and the ability to manage multiple disks from a single application. You can even create backup copies of the encryption key. Multiple users can share a single PC. You can store your information on a host of media such as HDD, FDD, CD, CD/R, CD/RW, MO, MD, ZIP-disks, flash drives, all types of flash memory cards, PDAs, and even digital cameras.

The Bat! Private Disk is very easy to use. It takes only a few minutes to install the software. Once the program is installed, your data is automatically encrypted when you copy files to the designated secure drive. The Bat! Private Disk easily stores encrypted files on network and Internet servers, making this secure information available for collaborative purposes, across the LAN or across the world.

Whether you're a business person who wants to add an additional layer of security and reliability to the sensitive data that you carry with you when you travel, a network administrator who needs to identify and encrypt critical financial data for the enterprise, or a home user who wants to make sure that intruders can't find credit card information or passwords on their hard drive, The Bat! Private Disk has the tools that you need.

The Bat! Private Disk v2.0 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003.

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About Ritlabs, SRL

Since 1997, Ritlabs, SRL has been developing and marketing Windows communications products for business and home users. In addition to The Bat! Private Disk, the company also offers The Bat!, a powerful email client that lets you work with an unlimited number of mailboxes, and includes robust sorting filters and fully customizable message templates; BatPost, an easy-to-customize email server that provides high performance and security; SecureBat!, a secure version of The Bat! with two-factor authentication and extra virus protection; The Bat! Web, a corporate product that improves efficiency of communications and document management within your team and between you and your customers; and TinyWeb, a fast and small web and secure server with Delphi source code.

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