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Ritlabs, SRL wins Exporter of The Year Award

Marian Lupu, the minister of economy of the Republic of Moldova has honored Ritlabs, SRL with "The Exporter of The Year" award. This is the yearly prize established by the Moldavian Export Promotion Organization (MEPO), given annually to the most prominent exporter in Moldova for the volume of export and level of innovation of exported products and services.

The minister of economy has stated that Moldova will reach its full potential - based on its historical and traditional strengths - as an exporter of high quality goods and services in its chosen fields. Moldova is not only a major agricultural producer in Eastern Europe, but also a country with a traditionally high level of education and Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is a university city. The successful development of Moldavian exports and trade will bring about a complete integration into the European economy.

About The Moldavian Export Promotion Organization (MEPO)

MEPO is the official bureau that cooperates with the enterprises that provide 95% of Moldavian market. MEPO's role is to provide enterprises with direct assistance in increasing their exports and also to work on a general level to improve the knowledge base, skill levels and overall business environment for Moldavian enterprises. MEPO also assumes additional responsibilities in collaborating with government, industry and other parties to identify and address issues that affect exporters. MEPO's policy unit performs the specific task of bringing such issues - and possible remedial actions - to the attention of those with the responsibility and authority to enact them.

MEPO's Strategic Objective will provide an indispensable resource for Moldavian exporters by providing them with valuable services to gain export success.

About Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is a small country, located in South-Eastern Europe, bordering Ukraine to the North, South and East, and Romania to the West.

The land surface of Moldova covers 33.7 thousand square kilometers. The maximum distance between its West-East extreme points is 150 km, and North-South extreme points - 350 km. The main rivers are Dniester (Nistru) and Prut.

A great advantage of the Republic of Moldova is its geographical location. The Republic of Moldova is an integral part of the East-West and North-South transport corridor and also the new "Silk Road". The positioning of the country between two rivers offers an excellent soil combination, favorable for both agricultural development and grapevine cultivation.

One of the most important achievements in the political life of the Republic of Moldova was the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1991 and a new Constitution in 1995, which declared Moldova's people's desire to live in compliance with the principles of the protection of human rights and the maintenance of democracy and sovereignty.

The Government of the Republic of Moldova welcomes foreign companies and is prepared to co-operate with them fully.

About Ritlabs, SRL

Ritlabs, SRL is the software development company that provides integrated solutions to manage ever-growing email needs. We have developed and continue to upgrade, maintain, and support our email client software products, "The Bat!", "AuthenticBat!" and "SecureBat!", which provide security, ease of access, and simplified management for the ever increasing volume of email as our society advances relentlessly into the future of email correspondence. Through a growing network of dealers, Ritlabs, SRL is represented in over 20 countries and our products support 15 languages for the convenience of users of email correspondence. Understanding that every email user in the world is our potential customer, our products can be used by all, ranging from the most sophisticated network operators to the home email correspondence users. Ritlabs, SRL provides solutions that give a major advantage to any individual using email.

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