National secrets are protected by The Bat!

Moldovan Army uses RITLabs products

May 9-27, Combined Endeavor / Phoenix Endeavor – 2006 international military exercises were carried out for specialists in data transmission and automated process-control system. These exercises were held within the framework of the Partnership for Peace program, at the territory of Aulenbah training facility (Germany). The participants of these exercises represented 41 countries, as well as NATO. The delegation from the National Army of the Republic of Moldova consisted of 14 military officers.

The main goal of the exercises was to reach a high level of operational, technical and software compatibility by implementing a 4C system (Command, Control, Communication, Computers) for supporting international military commitment in peace maintenance operations and in operations for eliminating the consequences of natural disasters.

Two groups were formed to perfect data transmission: one specialized in information security, the other – in data transmission. RITLabs’ software developments for encrypted and plaintext data transmission were employed for the first time. The delegation used such RITLabs’ products as The Bat! and BatPost. Tests and experiments proved that the mailing system based on these products is fully compatible with other systems of data transmission. Moreover, it provides an advanced level of data transmission security; its speed was also mentioned. The Moldovan National Army highly appreciated the support provided by RITLabs for these military exercises. Army representatives are hopeful of further collaboration in the data protection and transmission sphere.

It should also be mentioned that the delegation of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova provided security for the 13 country regional group with cryptographic keys and certificates for digital signatures and with data protection using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology. Cryptographic key generation and management software was provided to the regional group by the Dekart company together with the Special Telecommunications Center. Dekart company is RITLabs’ constant partner in the sphere of data protection; its solutions implemented in many products manufactured by RITLabs. The program proved its compatibility with existing information protection standards, getting a positive evaluation from the organizers of the exercises. This software is also used for protecting access to web-pages implemented within the informational network of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova.