The Bat! Private Disk new version announcement

RITLabs releases a new version of its proactive data protection product – The Bat! Private Disk. You can find out more about this product here.
New version introduces a set of improvements and convenient modifications. Thus, Private Disk now has the possibility of self-installing onto a portable carrier, which makes managing Private Disk very easy. Moreover, the new Private Disk takes advantage of safe hardware removal mechanism on dismounting the carrier. Such a mechanism minimizes the chances of accidental user data loss. Another major improvement is password quality check feature. The program analyses the password chosen by the user, decides whether this password is strong or weak and gives advice to the user how to improve the quality of the password in order to protect user data from intruders trying to crack the access to it.

What's new in The Bat! Private Disk v2.09?

[ Legend:                    ]
[ + Added feature      ]
- Fixed bug               ]

+ the program can install itself to a removable disk
+ Password Quality Check feature was added
+ program is now totally compatible with
Windows XP/2003 x64
+ allows access to the encrypted disk for programs that are run from the encrypted disk only
+ improved disk backing up mechanism
+ allows disabling/enabling Autorun feature
+ allows defining programs to be automatically run on disk dismounting
+ Safe Hardware Removal feature was included that allows exiting Private Disk software and safely removing the USB drive if the program has been run from the USB drive
+ allows choosing whether the disk will be dismounted or mounted if the PC goes to hibernate
+ allows choosing whether chkdsk will be called before the encrypted disk backing up
- fixed bug with impossibility to run automatically LNK/PIF-files with long paths

You can download The Bat! Private Disk 2.09 from here.