Update policy for The Bat! v.4

This notice about some modifications in update policy is brought to your attention due to transition to a new line of The Bat! v.4.

Registered users of The Bat! v.3 can continue working with The Bat! v.4.0.x without any limitations. For working with further The Bat! 4.x.x versions a new key is required.

On purchasing this new key registered users of any previous The Bat! version are granted a 30% discount. Previous key is not cancelled.
Purchased keys can be used at the same time in terms of the license agreement.

Users that purchase The Bat! v.4.0 can work with any further version of The Bat! 4.x.x. without restrictions.

Prices and types of the licenses remain the same.

“registered users” – users that purchased The Bat! from RITLabs SRL official dealers.

“The Bat! v.4.x.x” – all The Bat! versions starting with 4.1.x and further, where ‘x’ is the minor number of the version.