Internet security – one of the biggest disappointments of 2007

"In 2007, the words "Internet security" joined the ever-growing list of self-canceling phrases", – claims the PC World Magazine in its recent article. It is titled "The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007" and has the Internet security on the 12th position of the rating.

The article states that this year proved us that an entire country can be taken down by malicious software, meaning the Estonian failure. However, the author hopes that in 2008 the situation takes turn for better.

We share this hope and do our best to improve the Internet security. In fact, we render a highly secure and privacy-conscious email processing system. The Bat! users are protected from the threats that can damage other email programs and web-based email solutions.

In the coming year use The Bat!, making the Internet a more secure place!