"The Bat!, of Course"

- that’s how Mark Geisinger, our devoted user, answers the question about the best Windows email client. Mark uses The Bat! from the very beginning and can easily track the evolution of our product. We’re happy to present Mark’s review of The Bat! on our website. Here’s an extract from this review:

The commercial software market for personal email clients is fairly thin. What with the high quality of free products like Thunderbird and the beasts that Microsoft inflicts upon us with Windows (obviously I have an attitude about this), I imagine it requires more than a bit of ingenuity and hard work to create a commercial product that competes well. RITLabs has what it takes and it shows well in The Bat!, a superb email client for Windows.

I began using The Bat! somewhere along its v1.x life cycle. I had been using Eudora Pro for a couple of years prior to that and was quite pleased with it. Qualcomm made a decision to track mail usage (IIRC), even in the paid version of the product. It was at that point that I acted upon a colleague’s recommendation and gave The Bat! a try. I haven’t looked back since.